The MKE Essential Omni (omnidirectional) is designed for demanding everyday use on live stages. The newly developed KE 4 capsule is derived from the Broadway standard MKE 2, with improvements that provide a warm and distortion-free signal, even at high sound pressure levels. Reduced to the essentials, the aspirations of big productions become feasible, even for smaller productions and smaller budgets.

Meets high expectations even on smaller budgets
The MKE Essential Omni small condenser microphone brings warmth and brilliance to every stage voice. Even at enormous input volumes, the signal remains distortion-free. The new KE 4 capsule inherits its high standards from Broadway star MKE 2, but its price remains affordable even for smaller productions.

Made for sweat and tears
Highly sensitive on the one hand, absolutely stage-safe on the other: the capsule of the MKE Essential Omni is protected against all forms of moisture (typically sweat) by a patented, ultra-light tandem membrane. This not only protects the signal at all times, but also your investment in high-quality miking. Of course, all cable connections are also designed for tensile strength.

Stage equipment included
Whether on the forehead or on the cheek; with adhesive tape, magnetic holder or Dracula clip, with or without make-up covers, with wind protection, black or skin-colored: the MKE Essential Omni comes with stage-proven accessories and fits every make up and every requirement. It has all the talents to stay inconspicuous – except for its sound, of course.

The MKE Essential Omni has multiple safeguards against the tough demands of theatrical productions. A sophisticated patented umbrella diaphragm protects the more sensitive components against sweat. The massive potential of the MKE Essential Omni remains unobtrusive thanks to its lightweight and easy-to-conceal design. If you don’t attach the microphone near your mouth with tape, you have a wide variety of accessories to utilize, including rotatable clips, magnetic mounts and makeup cover-ups.

The MKE Essential Omni is available in black and beige.
  • Newly developed KE 4 capsule ensures high sound quality and warm nuances
  • Capacity to handle high sound levels for distortion-free reproduction in every application
  • Robust construction while simultaneously delicate and inconspicuous
  • Sweat-resistant thanks to patented umbrella diaphragm
  • Can be attached to head or body; diverse accessories for every type of attachment
  • Non-detachable cable connection
  • In the box:
    • 1 MKE Essential Omni
    • 1 Foam Windscreen (SL MZW 1)
    • 1 Clamp (MZQ 02)
    • Connector: 4.8mm
    • Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
    • Max. sound pressure level: 140 dB
    • Cable length: 1.6m
    • Weight: 16g
    • Pick-up pattern: Omni-directional
    • Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz): 5mV/Pa +-3.5dB
    • Nominal impedance: 1000 ohms
    • Min. terminating impedance: 4700 ohms
    • Equivalent noise level: 28 dB (A-weighted, DIN IEC 651)
    • Equivalent noise level weighted as per CCIR 468-3: 41 dB
    2 year warranty, including the Evolution wireless. Sennheiser Evolution wired mics have a 10 year warranty.

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