For total audio immersion, Sennheiser HD 650 headphones are the way to go. HD 650s reproduce the subtle details in your tracks with the same confidence as the highlights, providing you with a fluid signature tuned for hours of fatigue-free listening.

The (high) definition of smooth
With expertly balanced acoustics, luxurious construction and timeless design, this open-back HD 650 headphones are beloved by studio professionals and audiophiles alike for their musical, non-fatiguing sound and intimate levels of detail. From the first note, your recordings reveal their true potential, so whether you use them for audio editing, mixing, mastering or critical listening, the HD 650 will be an instant upgrade for your ears.

Imaging your Imagination
The HD 650’s signature sound starts with Sennheiser's in-house acoustics. Audio pros know that the best components perform at their peak when nothing stands in their way. It’s no surprise that the response and dimensional soundstage of the HD 650 are smooth—its open earcups provide each and every soundwave ample room to expand as they would in nature. The 42 mm transducer deploys a 38 mm diaphragm with an aluminum voice coil specifically tuned for extended, critical listening: overall treble and low-frequency presence are effortless, while midrange is reproduced with lifelike composure—none sacrificing their organic roots to get there. Modern high-resolution sample rates benefit especially well from the HD 650’s willingness to reveal subtle nuances without resorting to over-hyping the treble range. Great care is made to ensure each transducer manufactured meets rigid specifications and is paired with a perfect match for consistent representation of the entire frequency spectrum in both channels. By reducing variances between left and right channels, the headphone reproduces mastering-grade sound independent of room acoustics or loudspeaker positioning.

Made For More
Everything about the HD 650 was made with more in mind: more details discovered, more musicality, and definitely more time for monitoring. Made in Ireland at a state-of-the-art production facility, the HD 650 combines the best of modern transducer manufacturing with the attention to detail required to handle a wide variety of acoustic materials. With production tolerances that are extremely tight, Sennheiser ensures your HD 650 experience is consistent with those all over the globe, whenever or wherever it was purchased. For example, the resonators feature stainless steel mesh to guarantee uniform performance after manufacturing. Even better, most parts on the HD 650 are modular, making it a dream to keep operational as your go-to reference monitoring solution. From the velour pads to the earcup grille pattern, each component was crafted to guarantee a next-level personal sound experience, so you can enjoy your music even more.

It’s All About Connection
Your HD 650 comes with a detachable, impedance-matched cable with ultra-low capacitance. The 1/4"/6.3 mm stereo connector offers the audiophile-standard plug for connection to devices such as headphone amplifiers and A/V receivers, digital audio players, computer-based workstations, analog gear and more. At 9.8'/3 m long, it offers unencumbered listening on gear deep within your shelves, studio or desktop. A flexible adapter is also included to reduce the 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm/1/4" for plugging into countless other audio devices.
  • Open-back dynamic headphones
  • Go-to reference monitoring solution
  • Special damping element made from fine acoustic metal mesh
  • Extremely tight production tolerances (±1dB) and handpicked components
  • Exclusive 42 mm transducer and 38 mm diaphragm
  • Detachable connecting cable made from highly conductive OFC copper
  • Lightweight, timeless design and comfortable velour pads for hours of fatigue-free listening
  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Frequency response: 12Hz–41,000Hz
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.05%
2 year warranty, including the Evolution wireless. Sennheiser Evolution wired mics have a 10 year warranty.

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