Selmer Paris

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The Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone. This professional-level instrument delivers the legendary tone of the 1954 Mark VI model combined with modern ergonomic enhancements for unparalleled playability. The Reference 54 features a hand-engraved yellow brass body and Selmer's signature rich, full tone. Its redesigned keywork is positioned closer to the body for maximum comfort and control. The Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone is ideal for discerning performers seeking a sax with vintage character and modern precision.

1954 Mark VI-Inspired Tone

The Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone produces the centered, balanced tone of the iconic 1954 Mark VI model. Its hand-engraved yellow brass body generates a warm, resonant sound with rich harmonics. The bore and mouthpiece have been specially designed to capture the musicality and tonal depth of the Mark VI. For saxophonists chasing a vintage Selmer Paris tone, the Reference 54 delivers.

Redesigned Ergonomic Keywork

Selmer Paris has redesigned the keywork of the Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone to provide maximum comfort and ease of play. The keys are positioned closer to the body, reducing the stretch required to play difficult passages and high notes. Spatula keys, adjustable thumb rests, and tapered pivot screws further enhance the ergonomics. These design upgrades make the Reference 54 one of the most playable professional tenor saxophones available.

Premium Components for Superior Performance

The Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone features premium components for a lifetime of superior performance. Pads are made of treated leather with plastic resonators for an airtight seal and resonant tone. Blued steel needle springs provide responsive key action. Adjusting screws at multiple keys enable precise regulation and adjustment. A shaped flight case protects your investment while in storage or transit. These high-quality parts deliver an unparalleled playing experience for professional saxophonists.

Additional Features

Other features of the Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone include: a high F# key, front F key with spatula, adjustable metal right-hand thumb rest, and plastic left-hand thumb rest. The F#/G# lug, F#/G#, low C#, low B, side C, and side Bb keys have adjusting screws for perfect regulation. This combination of acoustic, ergonomic, and component-level enhancements results in one of the finest tenor saxophones Selmer Paris has ever produced.

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  • Level: Professional
  • Key: Bb
  • Neck: Reference Series neck
  • Neck Material: Yellow brass
  • Body Material: Yellow brass
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Key Material: Yellow brass
  • Range Up to: High F#
  • Springs: Blue steel
  • Pads: Leather
  • Resonators: Plastic
  • Engraving: None
  • Thumb Rest: Adjustable metal
  • Pivot Screw: Tapered
  • Includes: shaped case, Selmer Paris S80 mouthpiece, ligature, cap, an care products
  • Crafted in: France