The XR600 Studio/DJ Console was designed with the new generation of digitally savvy musicians and designers in mind. Whether you are a DJ who likes to create or a Producer who likes to DJ, the Sefour XR600 is a great solution. This console has a durable, multi-position shelf you can use to transform your studio into a DJ setup in seconds and vice versa. The rigid, patented 'Z' shaped sides make it sturdier but give it style as well. The top shelf has a rounded 'U' shape with plenty of space for two turntables and a mixer, while the pull-out section can handle a computer keyboard, mouse, and MIDI keyboard controller.
You can use the built-in shelves for extra storage.
  • Fits 4 x RU within integrated metal fascia with easy access
  • Fully Ergonomic for both DJing and studio work
  • Quick release pull-out keyboard draw
  • Fits all conventional PC towers
  • Pre-drilled to fit Sefour CD/Laptop and Speaker brackets (both left, center, and right)
  • 2 x equipment shelves for amps etc
  • Dimensions: The top surface is: 51.20"W by 18.5"D
  • The pull out-shelf is 48.25"W by 13.4"D
  • The lower fixed shelf is: 49.10"W by 12.10"D

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