The SJC Providence Rack Tom Add On is great for both the studio and touring. Featuring USA-handcrafted maple shells, crowned with hand-cut 45° bearing edges and topped with low-mass hoops and hardware, this rack tom delivers a cutting, contoured tone with just the right balance of dryness and sustain. Eye-catching brass hardware accents give the Providence a classy and custom look and feel. Plus, every Providence shell pack comes outfitted with SJC’s iconic shield lugs and badges and a hand-tuned complement of Evans USA drumheads.
  • North American maple shells exhibit a balanced, powerful voice
  • Accented by brass hoops and hardware
  • Hand-cut 45° bearing edges provide the right balance of dryness and sustain
  • 2.3mm triple-flanged steel hoops reveal an open tone
  • Shield lugs are dependable and whisper quiet
  • Tuned up and ready to rock with Evans USA heads
  • Sizes: 7" x 10" add on rack tom

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