Awarded Best in NAMM 2018 in the category Add-On or Accessory. With proprietary technology called Smart Tone Shaping (STS), the XT-1 is capable of learning (profiling) the sound characteristics of a guitar and modeling it to perfectly reproduce the sound of any other electric or acoustic guitars, with no latency or digital artifacts.

Guitarists can choose their favorite guitar profile among the 30 presets included in the device such as a Telecaster 1964, Gibson SG 1974, Music Man Axis, Martin D35 or Gibson J200, and also profile their own guitars and add them to their available Target Guitars. Additional guitar profiles can be chosen either by connecting the XT-1 via Wi-Fi to their smartphone or tablet and downloading the free SIM1 App, or through the Configuration Software for PC/Mac.

In the era of digital amp systems, flattened by “plastic sounds” the designers consider the guitar as the main tool to get the tone and sound you are looking for. There’s no need to do many adjustments, just select the Target Guitar Profile you wish, add some effects, and make your sound great!

Play Acoustic Profiles
SIM1's Mic’d Acoustic Profiles are suitable either to be played with an electric guitar, or with an acoustic one. The Piezo Sound will be turned into a Mic’d Sound. The Acoustic Sim is the result of a pefect combination among the Guitar Profile and Body Resonance Modeling Technology, ensuring a prefect realism.

Get New Guitar Profiles
In the SIM1 webstore you can find the tones of the most iconic existing guitars, and there is also a huge selection of guitar profiles, free of charge, on the “Community guitar sounds” section. The User can either turn his own guitar tone into a Target Guitar Profile, or he can share it with other Users.

MIDI Program Change
SIM1 can read Program-Change MIDI commands via the most popular MIDI-to-USB adapters, and to re-route program Changes as a midi-through feature.
Through the Editor you can even configure your XT-1 as a Midi Master mini Pedalboard, to control other devices.

Firmware 3.0: On-Board Options
IR Cabinets (add an Impulse Response Cabinet Emulation)
Preamp, based on Marshall JCM800
Overdrive, based on Ibanez TS9
Natural Reverb, by SIM1
Tone Control
7 Cabinets Impulse Responses, including 5 IR by Choptones
3rd parties IR loadable via SIM1 Editor
  • Power: 9V DC (center-negative)
  • N/S ratio > 108 dB
  • 48k/96k Hz – 32 bit
  • True Bypass
  • 1/4 inch In
  • 1/4 inch Out
  • 1/4 inch Balanced output
  • Dimensions: 5.78" x 5.03" x 2.67" (147 x 128 x 68 mm)