The Roland Acoustic Design VAD506 electronic double bass drum kit is more than an upgrade—it redefines what an e-kit can be. The Roland VAD 506 kit features real wood shells, built to full depth and diameter, and fitted with chrome hardware. Audiences will instantly recognize the classic six-piece double bass drum configuration, finished in chrome for the snare and black sparkle for the toms and kicks. The hi-hat and kick drums are even compatible with the player's preferred stand and pedals, and the snare mounts on a standard snare stand. With the latest Roland sound module and digital sensor technology, this e-kit is more versatile than an acoustic kit could ever be.

Roland Acoustic Design VAD506 Double Bass Drum E-Kit Main Features

  • Six-piece full-size drum kit
  • 14" digital snare, 10" digital ride cymbal
  • TD-27 sound module with advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling

Real Wood Shells and Textured Cymbal Pads in Acoustic Sizes

The Roland VAD 506 V-Drums electronic kit makes any drummer feel instantly at home. It features Roland’s most advanced V-Drum pads, arranged in an acoustic configuration: 14" stainless steel snare, plus 10" and 12" rack toms, 14" floor tom and two 20" kicks constructed with full-depth wood shells. They also offer the same weighted response drummers expect from acoustic drums. A full complement of cymbal pads includes a 12" hi-hat, 14" and 16" crashes (both with thin profiles and textured finishes) and an 18" ride, for superior playability and natural appearance. The hi-hats mount on any standard hi-hat stand, and the kicks are compatible with the player's choice of kick pedals.

Digital Sensor Technology on 14” Snare Drum and 18” Ride Cymbal

Roland’s cutting-edge digital sensors bring even deeper realism to the V-Drums experience. The digital snare and ride pads connect to the TD-27 module via USB cables, allowing the sensors to work with the sound engine to create unprecedented realism. Ghost notes, rim shots and cross stick playing on the snare are precisely detected and translated. The ride offers wide tonal range and the ability to subtly mute with just a touch of the bow or bell. Gone are the days of cycling through simple trigger sounds—these pads are dynamic, responding to every touch.

Upgraded Module With Huge Sound Library, Easy Connectivity and Deep Editing

Building on the flagship TD-50, the TD-27 module is a high-tech workhorse. It’s filled with drums that live and breathe like acoustic instruments. It begins with samples from high-end drums, percussion and cymbals—both vintage and modern—in world-class recording studios. Then, Roland applies their Prismatic Sound Modeling technology, making samples behave in complex ways based on how they’re played. The TD-27 is not a library of canned sounds—each kit is a full-bodied instrument with a wide range of adjustment options. Just like the shells themselves, these adjustments are intuitive for any drummer. Swap the head types, adjust the tuning, apply damping, tweak the snare wire tension, even adjust the position of the microphones, all from within the module. Add a full range of studio effects like compressors, reverbs, delays and more, and the TD-27 is a recording studio disguised as an acoustic kit. Diverse connectors and Bluetooth make it easy to export these sounds wherever you need them, or just play along with your favorite tracks straight from your phone.

The 6-piece Roland Acoustic Design electronic double bass drum kit delivers authentic acoustic tones with the versatility of electronic effects and features. The kit not only offers an expressive playing experience but also includes built-in practice functions to hone your skills, onboard Bluetooth for drumming along to streaming music and three auxiliary trigger inputs for easy kit expansion.
  • Six-piece electronic drum kit with full-size wood shells and double-braced chrome stands
  • TD-27 sound module with advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling derived from the flagship TD-50
  • 14” PD-140DS digital snare and 18” CY-18DR digital ride cymbal with high-resolution, multi-sensor triggering
  • 10” PDA100-MS rack tom, 12” PDA120-MS rack tom, 14” PDA140F-MS floor tom and (2) 20” KD-200-MS kick drums
  • Midnight Sparkle wrap finishes
  • Additional cymbal pads include 12” VH-10 V-Hi-Hat, 14” CY-14C-T crash and 16” CY-16R-T crash/ride
  • Drum in inspiring sound spaces with newly developed PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
  • Hands-on interface for quick-and-easy selecting and personalizing drum sounds
  • Import custom WAV samples via an SD card
  • Stereo mix output and two assignable outputs for sending individual drum sounds to a PA mixer
  • Integrated 28-channel USB audio interface for professional computer music production
  • Three auxiliary trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
  • Onboard Bluetooth for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
  • Built-in practice functions for developing drumming skills
  • NOTE:
    • Bass drum pedals, double tom stand, hi-hat stand and snare stand sold separately