Practice and play your new digital piano quietly with this 2-piece set. The Roland RP102 has all the award-winning features and compact design you want. When paired with the RH-300V stereo headphones, you can play and monitor yourself at any hour of the day.

Roland RP102 88-Key Digital Piano
The Roland RP102 combines authentic piano performance and onboard practice features in a compact and affordable design. It’s filled with technologies derived from Roland’s award-winning premium pianos, providing inspiring sound and playability that will continually support your music as your skills evolve. And with its streamlined cabinet and three integrated pedals, the RP102 offers a traditional upright look that fits nicely even in small spaces.

Thanks to its advanced capabilities, the RP102 seamlessly blends with modern lifestyles. It never needs tuning or regular maintenance. Onboard Bluetooth technology connects with a smartphone or tablet for instant enjoyment and enhanced learning. By wirelessly pairing the piano with Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app, you can view digital sheet music, interact with backing rhythms, and access various features not available from the panel. The RP102 is an exceptional piano that will bring musical enjoyment to your home for years to come.

There are over 200 ready-to-play songs at hand, including traditional music, classical masterpieces by Mozart and Beethoven, and famous piano etudes from Hanon and Czerny. There’s also a convenient onboard metronome with variable time signatures, providing an essential tool to develop your sense of timing. If inspiration strikes at midnight, you can plug in headphones and lose yourself in rich, beautiful sound without disturbing family members and neighbors. And when you want to play side by side with a teacher or friend, you can activate Twin Piano mode and split the keyboard into two 44-note pianos, each with their own middle C.

Roland RH-300V Stereo Headphones
Optimized for personal monitoring while playing Roland electronic percussion instruments. The RH-300V delivers accurate, punchy sound that inspires. The tight, full-range performance of the Roland RH-300V headphones makes your private playing sessions more satisfying and enjoyable.
  • Roland RP102 88-Key Digital Piano, Black
  • Roland RH-300V Stereo Headphones

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