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Roland PM Series Personal Monitor for V-Drums


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The Roland PM-100 V-Drum speaker system delivers professional-grade monitoring in a compact, lightweight package designed for your V-Drums. Packing 80W of power, this monitor features a custom full-range speaker system built specifically for reproducing the dynamic, nuanced sound of electronic drums. With onboard mixing capabilities, you can connect MP3 players, keyboards or other gear to jam along. The angled front face provides ideal sound for your playing position, while the full-width handle lets you easily move and adjust the monitor.

Big Power in a Compact Cabinet

Don't let the PM-100's small size fool you—it pumps out an impressive 80W of power, enough volume for any home practice space. The lightweight, rugged cabinet makes it easy to move around and its compact footprint fits neatly next to your V-Drums kit. You'll be amazed at the full, rich tones emanating from such a portable package.

Custom Speaker System Designed for V-Drums

Roland built the PM-100's speaker system from the ground up for one purpose: to accurately reproduce the sound of V-Drums. The full-range drivers provide crisp highs, warm lows and a solid midrange that showcases the depth and dynamics of electronic drums. You'll hear every subtlety and nuance of your playing through this monitor.

Onboard Mixing Adds Versatility

With dedicated inputs for your V-Drums module and aux line-level sources like MP3 players or keyboards, the PM-100 allows you to jam along to your favorite songs or practice with accompaniment. Independent volume knobs provide precise level control over each input and a two-band EQ lets you shape the overall tone to your liking. Everything you need for effective, engaging practice is built right in.

Designed for Your Comfort and Convenience

In addition to premium sound, the PM-100 offers a host of smart design details aimed at your playing comfort. The front face is angled for the ideal listening position when seated at your V-Drums. A full-width bar handle on top provides an easy grip for moving the monitor around or adjusting its floor position. Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use and the PM-100's modest size and weight make transportation a breeze.

Roland PM-100 V-Drum Speaker System
Roland PM-100 V-Drum Speaker System
Roland PM-100 V-Drum Speaker System

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  • Premium all-in-one monitor designed for use with V-Drums electronic percussion products
  • Full-range audio system with 80 watts of power, custom 10" speaker and tweeter
  • Angled design provides ideal sound coverage for the seated player
  • Integrated mixer with independent volume controls and global EQ
  • Dedicated V-Drums input, plus 1/4" and 1/8" line inputs for connecting electronic percussion pads, smartphones and music players
  • Unique full-width bar handle for easy floor adjustment and carrying convenience

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