If you need convincing that technology and tradition can coexist, take a seat at the Roland GP609 digital grand. This luxurious instrument offers every type of player a sublime grand piano experience, fusing advanced technology and authentic playing feel with classic grand piano cabinet design. Be inspired by an instrument that combines the latest sound engine with a brand-new keyboard mechanism, enhanced multi-channel speaker system and a variety of digital advantages—along with stunning sounds that will spark great performances for years to come.

Traditionalists will immediately feel at home with the GP609 keyboard. The keys recreate the look and feel of real ebony and ivory, complete with moisture-absorbing properties that ensure your fingers won’t slide off. But while each key has sophisticated wooden sides, the internal frame is made from modern molded materials, connected to high-resolution sensors that will endure for years to come. The benefit is not only authentic playability, but also a consistent feel during temperature and humidity changes, saving you the maintenance costs associated with a traditional keyboard. Tone is a priority for any serious pianist, but it’s also where many digital pianos fall flat. The sound of an acoustic piano is the result of endless physical interactions. Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology recreates all these factors, so that for the first time, a digital piano truly sounds and behaves like an acoustic instrument.

Roland’s Acoustic Projection system is a multi-speaker setup that produces rich, immersive tones in minute detail, with each speaker playing a specific role in the overall sound. Powerful cabinet speakers produce the expansive main piano sound in both upward and downward directions, while spatial speakers on either side reproduce the resonance of the piano’s frame to expand the left/right sound fields. The nearfield speakers project the more "noticeable" sounds including dramatic, dynamic overtones and even the noise of the hammers as they hit the piano strings.

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