Rhythm Tech


The Rhythm Tech Palma Series Djembe is the first Djembe in the world to include a snare that can be turned on or off at the simple flip a single lever. This high quality PVC Djembe delivers warm highs, punchy mids and thunderous lows. Its top tuning hardware makes tuning a breeze with any standard drum key—no special wrenches needed.

The head and rim position allows for hours of playing comfort. The Rhythm Tech Palma Djembe is the perfect instrument when you need a wide range of sonic soundscapes from a single instrument. Great sound and truly inspiring, this will be the best addition for every drummer and percussionist's performance rig.
  • Snare can be turned on or off by flipping lever
  • High quality PVC construction
  • Warm highs, punchy mids and thunderous lows
  • Top tuning hardware
  • Head and rim position designed for comfort
6 month warranty.

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