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Note Knacks are an interactive, hands-on teaching tool that allows children to create their own compositions as early as preschool. Children draw their music on paper, perform their composition and have a visual, self-created manuscript that they can sing or play as often as they wish. Combine your student's work to create a whole class composition!

NKT - Note Knacks Teacher Set
Music notation manipulatives developed by Kristin Pugliese. Includes 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 time signature frames, 31 note tiles and 25 lesson plans on CD. Explains notes and rests simutaneously through tactile and kinesthetic learning. Ideal for Pre-K - 2.

Kristin Pugliese, the creator of Note Knacks, has been an educator for more than 15 years. She began her career in early childhood education and soon moved into the music classroom. She has worked almost exclusively in Title 1 Schools in various states including Rhode Island, Georgia and Massachusetts. As part of the Music Department Leadership Committee, she helped create music standards for the Cambridge Public Schools System.

She has given workshops to various groups of teachers, including presentations at the Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida Music Educator's Conferences. Kristin is passionate about how knowledge is acquired and believes it impacts how children will view learning later in their lives. Following her beliefs, Note Knacks is dedicated to providing music educators with the tools needed to make music more accessible for young children.
  • Teach Music Standards while encouraging creativity
  • Engage multisensory learning
  • Instill meaning behind music notation
  • Promote subject integration
  • Foster confidence
  • Provide concert material with minimal preparation