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The Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 Bass Drum Head provides an ideal balance of tone and attack for rock, funk and R&B drummers. Remo's proprietary underlay ring reduces unwanted overtones for a focused bass drum sound with serious punch. The single-ply Mylar film offers sensitivity and responsiveness, while the coated finish boosts warmth and low end. An impact patch improves durability and gives your beater a satisfying tick. For drummers seeking a contemporary kick drum tone that cuts through the mix, the Powerstroke 3 is an essential upgrade.

Underlay Ring Focuses Your Bass Tone

A thin layer of material at the outer edge of the Powerstroke 3 head subtly dampens high-frequency overtones for a pure, balanced bass drum tone. This attenuates unwanted ringing without compromising sensitivity or attack, resulting in a focused sound with plenty of low-end oomph that sits perfectly in a rock or funk mix.

Durable and Responsive Single-Ply Mylar

The Powerstroke 3 features a single ply of Remo's resonant Mylar film, a material that offers an ideal balance of sensitivity, durability and tone. The Mylar membrane freely vibrates for an open, warm and responsive bass drum sound with rich low frequencies. An impact patch reinforces the area where your beater strikes, improving head life and giving you a satisfying tick with each hit.

Coated Finish Boosts Low End and Warmth

Remo's proprietary coated finish is applied to the striking surface of the Powerstroke 3 head. This coating boosts low-end response and gives the overall tone a warmer, fuller character. The coated finish also helps produce a wider range of bass drum sounds when you adjust your beater, pedal and muffling.

Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 Bass Drum Head 20 in.

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