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This revolutionary drum throne provides unparalleled comfort and support for drummers during extended practice sessions and performances. Featuring ROC-N-SOC's patented saddle-style seat, the Original Saddle Drum Throne contours to your body, relieving pressure points and allowing for maximum mobility.

Patented Saddle Seat Relieves Fatigue

The ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne's ergonomically designed saddle seat cradles your body, distributing weight evenly and eliminating painful pressure points that can develop during long durations of playing. This innovative seat shape allows for a full range of motion, enabling drummers to play freely without strain or discomfort. The result is reduced fatigue, allowing you to drum longer and with greater endurance.

Premium Components for Durability and Stability

Constructed from quality components, the ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne is built to last through years of consistent use. The heavy-duty tripod base and steel support post provide a stable platform, allowing for precise foot control and preventing unwanted throne movement. The high-density foam seat maintains its shape over time, and the durable vinyl cover resists tearing while keeping you comfortably in place.

Fully Adjustable for Perfect Height

With an adjustable seat height range of 18" to 24", the ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne can accommodate drummers of nearly any height. The spindle mechanism allows for quick and precise seat height adjustments in 1" increments. Simply loosen the spindle, raise or lower the seat to your desired height and tighten to lock the throne in place. The wide range of adjustment ensures you can achieve a comfortable, ergonomic seating position for optimized playing.

ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne Blue
ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne Blue
ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne Blue

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