The PSS2 is a professional sustain pedal with switchable polarity, and a larger chassis with rubber skid on the bottom to prevent your pedal from jumping around on hard floors. It also offers silent operation with a quality cable. The PSS2 lets you control your keyboard with a more realistic piano feel. It works with any keyboard, and its heavy-duty construction and stable-grip rubber sole provides superior stay-put characteristics on stage and in the studio.

Proline M-Series Pedals
Proline M-Series pedals are designed and built for real-world working musicians who want to expand their expressive control. From the weighted PSS2 professional sustain pedal to the space-saving PSS1 metal sustain pedal to PXP1 expression pedal, all feature heavy-duty construction, reverse polarity switches and stable-grip rubber soles for long-term reliability, playing stability and durability for many years to come.
  • Works with most keyboards via polarity reverse switch
  • Momentary switching
  • Real piano pedal response
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Stable-grip rubber sole for stability
  • 6' attached cable

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