ProX XF-S2020X2 2020 New Year Facade Enhancement Scrims are designed to fit the aluminum ProX facades with 30x48" panels. The design cover scrim gives your facade a unique design, with a smooth and finished appearance. Depending on your occasion, you can add lighting inside to instantly create stunning visual effects. The stretchable Lycra fabric consists of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. This allows it to conform to all your edges, fitting like a glove on your Facade Table, while giving your setups a sleek and professional look.

The Lycra fabric also allows for easy installation. Facade Cover Scrims are very versatile and work well for Weddings. When you are finished using your Decorative Scrims or regular ones, throw them into the washing machine to get them back to pristine condition.

To fit ProX Facades:

XF-4X3048B MK2
XF-4X3048W MK2

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