Practice Tracks


On Volume 2 of this Practice-Tracks CD, top Hollywood session players back you up with 10 extra long tracks for you to polish off with smokin' leads from your axe, sax, or even vocals. These extended jams are great backing tracks for accompanying you as you work out solos on whatever your favorite instrument is. It's all blues, in 10 different shades – including ska, country, reggae, swing, shuffle blues, and more – in seven different keys allow ample opportunity to explore. There's even a blues backing track to help you get your guitar tuned properly. Charts are included for the accompaniment tracks.experimentation.
  • Blues practice tracks for all instruments
  • Practice your soloing techniques on top of a cookin' rhythm section
  • 10 blues grooves in assorted keys and tempos performed by Hollywood's top session players
  • Each practice track is over five minutes in length