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PocketStrings has revolutionized guitar practice with the 6 Fret has this compact fretboard that lets guitarists train their muscle memory and skills anywhere inspiration strikes. PocketStrings designed their 6 Fret model for guitarists seeking a highly portable practice tool for honing scales and fingering techniques. Slip the frets into the included plastic case for storage in your pocket, then remove them for practice sessions on the go.

Six Frets Provide Essential Scale Practice

PocketStrings' 6 Fret contains the first six frets of a guitar neck, enabling practice of major and minor scales. The frets are spaced accurately for muscle memory training and feature a simulated rosewood fretboard. Practice bends, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs anywhere using this portable fretboard.

Ultra-Portable Design

Measuring only 6" in length, the 6 Fret stows easily in your pocket or bag for impromptu practice sessions. The plastic case protects the frets during storage and transport while adding negligible weight. This ultra-light, ultra-portable practice tool goes anywhere your inspiration takes you.

High-Quality Components

PocketStrings constructed the 6 Fret using durable, high-quality materials for a realistic feel and appearance. The frets are securely attached to a maple neck that simulates an actual guitar neck. A textured finish provides a comfortable, non-slip grip when practicing.

The Perfect Traveling Practice Companion

For guitarists, practice makes perfect. But life on the road or a busy schedule can make regular practice challenging. The PocketStrings 6 Fret solves this problem, providing a portable fretboard for practice anytime, anywhere. Pack it on your next trip or stash it in your bag for spare moments of practice on the go. The pocketStrings 6 Fret, the ultimate portable practice tool for dedicated guitarists.

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  • Six real frets
  • Customized wood
  • Raised strum pad to simulate strumming
  • Durable, sleek design
  • Extremely portable