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DJM-A9 Walkthrough

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 Feature Walkthrough | First look with Seratoplay button

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 Feature Walkthrough | First look with Serato

DJM-A9 4-channel professional DJ mixer | Overviewplay button

DJM-A9 4-channel professional DJ mixer | Overview

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After several years as Pioneer DJ’s flagship club-style DJ mixer, the DDJ DJM-900NXS2 passes the torch to the state-of-the-art DJM-A9 mixer. Loaded with performance-enhancing features and premium components, the four-channel A9 comprises everything that made the 900NXS2 a mainstay in clubs—with even higher-quality audio, an improved layout, plus a multitude of new effects and livestreaming functionality. It’s optimized for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro (license sold separately)—as well as their DVS (Digital Vinyl System) components—though will work alongside any DJ software or traditional vinyl you happen to use. From 32-bit A/D (analog-to-digital) and D/A converters, and Bluetooth connectivity, to an intuitive color display and upgraded microphone section, the DJM-A9 is designed to go above and beyond for any kind of mixing workflow.

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 Club DJ Mixer

The Standard Club Mixer, Evolved

Everything about the DJM-A9 was designed to maximize the quality of your playing experience. Compliments of ESS Technology, the A9 boasts 32-bit A/D conversion at the channel inputs, plus 32-bit D/A converters at the booth and master output to ensure you and your audience get the best possible audio. Adding a more intuitive, fine-tuned control to a familiar layout, the A9 brings upgraded channel faders and the third-generation Magvel Fader crossfader to the mix, for a sublimely smooth feel while mixing and scratching. Other upgrades include bright LEDs in the channel section for easy, immediate visual feedback on levels, as well as more spacing around the EQ knobs compared to its predecessor.

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 Mixer Sound Color FX

Superior Microphone and Sound Color FX Control

Even the mic section of the DJM-A9 is one of a kind. It features the first-ever phantom-powered input on a DJ mixer, which lets you use condenser microphones. Of course, as with any mixer with a mic input, you can still use your dynamic mics. Regardless of the type of mic you use, the A9 offers three microphone effects—Echo, Pitch and Megaphone—along with dedicated reverb control. Another unique upgrade is the Center Lock feature, which prevents accidental crossing between high and low parameters when using Sound Color FX by “locking” into place once the knob rolls to the center position.

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 Mixer Beat FX

Enhanced Mixer Beat FX

On the DJM-A9, you have access to a total of 14 Beat FX via the dedicated Beat FX channel selector button for seamless effects routing. The color display shows the status of the selected effect and color coordination with the X-Pad’s horizontal arrangement. Sliding your finger from side to side on the X-Pad, you can alter the Echo and Ping Pong effects to generate an analog tape-style sound. The DJM-A9 adds three Beat FX to the previous 11, including: Mobius, which alters the oscillator frequency to rise or fall in time with the beat; Triplet Filter, which changes the cut-off frequency cyclically based on three beats; and Triplet Roll, another three-beat-based effect that outputs the recorded sound repeatedly according to the beat fraction you select.

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 Mixer Inputs and Outputs

The Ultimate Connectivity

The DJM-A9 is primed to take on the most demanding DJs’ needs when it comes to I/O. Dual sets of USB-B and USB-C ports let you connect two laptops running Serato or rekordbox—making set changeovers a cinch. The A9 even has a Bluetooth input, letting you route the audio to any channel and mix it as you wish. Built-in Wi-Fi allows FOH (front of house) engineers to view the A9’s interface—and even control selected functions—via the Stagehand app on an iPad. This way, the FOH has the power to optimize the audience’s audio from their console, instead of interrupting your performance to advise you to adjust your levels in person. For those intent on streaming and sharing, DJM-REC iOS and Android app support lets you record and share your performances via Mixcloud, Twitch and other platforms. Video and lighting app support via ShowKontrol and PRO DJ LINK Bridge lets you take your sound and visual coordination to new heights.

Built for the most demanding DJs, the Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 sets the standard for the ultimate professional club-style mixer. Come to your local Guitar Center to check out the DJM-A9 for yourself and see what it can add to your DJ rig and workflow. As always, our helpful associates will be happy to assist you in building out your DJ setup.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • High-quality 32-bit converters
  • Silky smooth mixing and rapid, stable scratching
  • Dual independent headphone outputs and booth EQ
  • Support for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro
  • Optional Stagehand smartphone app for remote control (sold separately)

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Number of channels: 4
  • Bit resolution: 32-bit
  • Phono inputs: 4 (RCA)
  • CD/Line inputs: 4 (RCA)
  • Mic inputs 2
  • Booth out: 1 (TRS)
  • Master out: 2 (RCA, XLR)
  • Digital out: 1 (coaxial)
  • Record out: RCA
  • Headphone out: 4
  • USB ports: 3
  • DJ Link (LAN): Yes
Onboard Features
  • Built-in FX: Yes
  • Width: 16"
  • Height: 18"
  • Depth: 4"
  • Weight: 22.5 lb.

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