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The Peterson StroboClip HDC takes clip-on tuning to the next level. This innovative tuner packs pro features into a convenient clip-on design. With the StroboClip HDC, you get the fantastic tuning power Peterson is known for, now in a lightweight, rechargeable package.

Keep Playing With the Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

The StroboClip HDC does away with disposable batteries and instead is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A single charge provides up to six hours of tuning time, enough to get you through lengthy gigs, rehearsals and practice sessions. Should your battery run low mid-session, the StroboClip HDC has a quick recharge circuit that lets you get back to playing after just a few minutes of charging. You can recharge it via the included USB-C cable between sessions.

Dial in Your Sound With 65 Sweetened Tunings

An experienced ear knows that standard tuning doesn't always fit the song. The StroboClip HDC comes loaded with over 65 alternate Sweetened tunings to fit any style or era. There are also eight historic temperaments on board for period-accurate tuning. Easily scroll through the presets to find the perfect tuning for any situation. Want to get more creative? Use the Peterson Connect app to design your own custom Sweetened tunings and send them to the StroboClip HDC.

See Every Nuance With the Adjustable HD Display

The StroboClip HDC has a crisp high-definition LCD display that clearly shows you the exact cent variance as you tune. You can adjust both the color and brightness of the backlight for ideal visibility on stage or in daylight. The multi-color options also help you quickly ID presets when scrolling through tunings. Want to tune in subtle shades of blue or bold slashes of red? You can assign colors to presets via the Peterson Connect app.

Trust Your Ears Within 0.1 Cent Tuning Accuracy

Under the hood, the StroboClip HDC leverages Peterson's most advanced strobe tuning technology to detect pitch with unmatched accuracy. It registers minute fluctuations up to 1/10 of a cent, more than precise enough for the most discerning ear. You can trust that when the StroboClip HDC says your A string is at 440Hz, it truly is dead-on concert pitch. Take your intonation to the next level with the StroboClip HDC.

Peterson StroboClip HDC Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner Black
Peterson StroboClip HDC Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner Black
Peterson StroboClip HDC Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner Black