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The ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System takes the guesswork out of learning how to play guitar chords. This all-in-one kit provides everything needed to master proper finger placement and strumming technique. The ChordBuddy device attaches to acoustic or electric guitars, guiding fingers to the correct frets. With the included lesson plan, instructional DVD and songbook containing over 100 popular songs, guitarists of all skill levels can start playing familiar tunes right away.

Easy to Use, Even for Beginners

The ChordBuddy is designed for guitar players of all ages and experience levels. It attaches quickly and easily to most standard guitars, then shows exactly where fingers should be placed to play each chord. This innovative tool works for both acoustic and electric guitars, providing a frustration-free way to learn proper technique before transitioning to unaided chording.

Comprehensive Learning Materials

In addition to the ChordBuddy device, the Learning System includes valuable instructional resources. An easy-to-follow lesson plan introduces chords and songs gradually, building skills over time. The companion DVD provides visual demonstrations of how to attach and use ChordBuddy. It also shows proper hand positioning and strumming technique. ith the included songbook, guitarists can start playing recognizable songs right away using the chords they've learned.

Practice Popular Songs from the Start

The ChordBuddy songbook contains over 100 familiar songs spanning a variety of music genres. Country, rock, gospel and blues songs are all represented, allowing guitarists to practice the chords and skills they're learning while playing some of their favorite tunes. Both simple beginner chords and more complex chords are included in the songbook, providing an easy transition to unaided chording.

Perry's Music ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System Book/DVD/Poster
Perry's Music ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System Book/DVD/Poster

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