Pedaltrain PRO FX is perfect for the player who wants to organize and protect valuable multi-effects units and switching systems while having extra room for external expression pedals, volume pedals and other accessories. PRO FX is also a nice large=format pedalboard for players who just prefer a flat design.

Simply stated, PRO FX is a chopped (flat) Classic Pro. These models share the same 32” x 16” mounting surface, same five-rail design and same rail spacing. There are advantages to the PRO FX’s flat design. You can mount very tall items, including units that are elevated or have built-in expression pedals, and have headroom in the soft case for convenient transport. The flat design also offers perfect ergonomics for expression pedal control.

There is plenty of room underneath PRO FX for organizing cables and routing DC power. If it fits under a Nano or Metro, it will fit under PRO FX. Keep in mind that larger, traditional, power bricks will not fit under this unit, but can be top-mounted, like you would a pedal.

Of course, Pedaltrain loaded up the box with 176" of matched hook-and-loop and an assortment of zip ties, so no matter what rig you are setting up, you have everything you need from the start. Pedaltrain made a jump forward on the soft case design, mirroring the MAX Series soft case.
  • Mounting area: 32" x 16"
  • Platinum SBS zippers with enhanced pull tabs
  • 6” (15 cm) case depth
  • The strap features robust, washer-less, clasps stress-tested to 44 lb. (20 kg) each
  • Padded, extra-comfy shoulder pad with sure-grip hooks, which are double reinforced at the case with durable codura nylon
  • Water-resistant outer shell and easy-wipe inner liner

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