This cart was designed with a synth and elaborate keyboard rigs in mind. It features a foam shelf that is 60 x 16 in. and it sits 33 in. from the ground. The KC-35SSBF has a 1.5 in. square tube internal accessory rail, meaning you can mount anything over the keyboard (think samplers, keyboard controllers, electronic pads, etc.). It also includes a laptop shelf. This features a bi-fold cover, which protects the equipment during transport and storage. There is a storage compartment in the case for the cover while the gear is being used. Also, this is the Super-Stealth version, which features black hardware and other features that make it less prominent under stage lighting.

The bottom section of the KC-35 has eight rack spaces on the left and right as well as one power inlet with eight internal outlets. Now you can plug your power conditioner and whatever else directly into the cart, roll onto the field, and only worry about running power to the cart.

The KC-35 is an enclosed cart and comes with a top cover and a back cover and a handy little storage shelf underneath for them.

Wiring upgrades available upon request: Signal (XLR male, XLR female, USB A and USB B), Power (Edison inlet, Edison outlet, PowerCon in and PowerCon out) and Networking (Ethercon).
  • 33 in. Keyboard shelf height
  • High-density shock-absorbing keyboard shelf
  • 1 ½ in. square tube internal accessory rail
  • Laptop tray
  • One power inlet linked to 8 internal outlets
  • 2 Speakon NL4 jacks linked to 4 NL2 internal cables
  • High-density texture black ABS panels
  • Built-in rear cable drop
  • 8u space rack
  • Fully enclosed with removable top and back covers
  • 8 in. Flat-free swivel locking casters
  • Bi-fold cover
  • Super-Stealth model with black hardware and corners

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