PRS Signature Model Electric Guitars

Founded in 1985, PRS guitars have earned the praise of countless shredders since they started, and over that time their line of signature models has grown substantially. Just take a look through this extensive selection and you'll find electrics with some pretty notable credentials, including Carlos Santana, Zach Myers, Marty Friedman and Berne Marsden. No doubt, if you have aspirations of stardom on your mind, a PRS Signature Model Electric Guitar will certainly take you one step closer to the big leagues. One of the great things about PRS guitars is that you don't have to be rich and famous to be the proud owner of one, even if it's a model that was made to the exact specifications of a rock icon. For proof, check out the SE Paul Allendar Electric Guitar. As the lead guitarist of Cradle of Filth, Allendar soon began playing PRS exclusively with his next band The Blood Devine, and this guitar is not only a perfect representation of his style, it's also affordable. Boasting EMG humbuckers, coil-tapping and PRS tremolo, this beast is ideal for any headbanger who loves Allendar's signature tone. Now, if you really want to spoil yourself, PRS has more than enough options to do so, and the NS-14 Neal Schon Signature Flame Top Electric Guitar is everything you'd expect and more from Journey's longest lasting member. Neal was involved in the design of almost every aspect of this guitar and the result is an instrument with a weight, sound and playability unlike any other currently on the market. From the stylized f-hole to the Floyd Rose tremolo system, the NS-14 might just be the finest guitar you've ever played. It's a nice feeling to know that the guitar brand you prefer is also favored by the stars - but when you own an axe that was designed in direct collaboration with a legend, you can take your bragging rights to even greater heights. Of course PRS Signature Model Electric Guitars are just that, so anything you choose is going to impress you.

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