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Orange Rocker 15 - Guitar Amp Combo

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Orange Rocker Combo Amplifiers

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Orange Amplifiers Rocker 15 15W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier

Orange Amplifiers

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Orange Amplifiers is thrilled to introduce the Rocker 15 15W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier. This innovative 15-watt combo amplifier packs professional-grade tube tone into a portable package, perfect for practice, recording or gigging. With selectable 15-, 7-, 1-, and 0.5-watt performance, the Rocker 15 seamlessly transitions from a cranked tube tone to a low bedroom-level whisper.

Custom Speaker and Transformers Provide Full Tone at Any Volume

Thanks to a custom 10" Voice of the World Gold Label speaker and beefy transformers, the Rocker 15 delivers a remarkably potent tone across its full range of wattages. Even at just 0.5 watts, the Rocker 15 produces warm valve compression and saturation without disturbing the neighbors.

Two-Channel Design with a Twist

The Rocker 15 features a clever twin-channel design. The Natural channel offers a single Volume knob for a "natural" tone, perfect for bringing out the true sound of your instrument or pedals. The Dirty channel provides Gain, Volume and 3-band EQ controls for crafting your own signature overdriven tone. Both channels are highly responsive to playing dynamics, providing versatility despite the straightforward control layout.

Genuine All-Tube Circuitry from Input to Output

Under the hood, the Rocker 15 is all tube—from the preamp, to the power amp, to the tube-driven effects loop. This all-tube design and EL84 output section delivers the unmistakable sound, feel, and compression that only a tube amplifier can. The Rocker 15's tube-driven effects loop also provides purity from input to output when using your favorite stompboxes and processors.

A Rig for Every Occasion

Whether practicing at home, recording in the studio or gigging at a small venue, the Rocker 15 provides professional tube tone for any situation. This portable, bedroom-friendly amp has enough power and character to be heard on stage.

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  • Power: 15W (tube)
  • Attenuation: 15W, 7W, 1W, .5W
  • Tubes: three 12AX7, one 12AT7 (preamp); two EL84 (power amp)
  • Two channels
  • Single input
  • Speaker: 1x10 Voice of the World Gold Label
  • Controls: volume (channel 1); 3-band EQ, gain, bass, volume (channel 2); power switch
  • Built-in tube stereo/mono FX loop
  • Basketweave vinyl
  • Dimensions: 18.5 in. x 16.14 in. x 10.24 in.
  • Weight: 29.98 lb.