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The Way Huge Smalls Geisha Drive pedal lets your guitar's true voice shine through. With its straightforward 3-knob layout, it delivers a wide palette of dynamic overdrive and distortion tones. At lower Drive settings, you'll get warm, velvety crunch. As you increase the Drive, the distortion builds to a radical thunderstorm of grinding tones. The Tone knob tailors the brightness to your liking. And the Volume knob lets you match levels or push the front end of your amp. The Geisha Drive's touch-sensitive circuitry reacts to your guitar's volume knob so you can go from singing leads to saturated rhythm tones with ease. It excels with tube amps on the edge or for adding gain stages to a clean platform. And it comes in a special limited edition with colorful Japanese katakana script artwork.

Dial In Warm Overdrive to Roaring Distortion

The Geisha Drive pedal gives you a wide spectrum of dynamic drive tones perfect for any genre or playing style. At lower Drive settings, it produces rich, warm overdrive with just the right amount of grind to push a tube amp into sweet saturation. As you increase the Drive knob, the distortion builds gradually from a touch of hair to a radical thunderstorm of grinding tones. And the distortion cleans up beautifully when you roll back your guitar's volume. Whether you need smooth blues leads, chunky rock rhythm or saturated metal tones, the Geisha Drive delivers.

Shape Your Sound With Simple Tone Controls

The Geisha Drive keeps things straightforward with intuitive Tone and Volume knobs. The Tone knob lets you tailor the EQ from darker, rounded tones to brighter, crisper sounds. This makes it easy to dial in just the right tone to cut through a mix or sit perfectly in your rig. And the Volume knob lets you boost the output to push your amp harder or match levels when switching pedals. The simple controls make the Geisha Drive easy to use, while giving you the tools to craft your ultimate sound.

Touch Sensitivity Follows Your Guitar's Volume

The Geisha Drive features a touch-sensitive circuit that dynamically reacts to your picking intensity and guitar's volume knob. Dig in hard and it rewards you with rich, singing distortion. Roll back your guitar's volume and the distortion cleans up for versatile lead tones. You can go from saturated rhythm to vocal-like leads with your guitar's volume knob. This makes the Geisha Drive extremely expressive and responsive to your playing dynamics.

Special Limited Edition Japanese Katakana Artwork

The Geisha Drive flaunts special limited edition artwork featuring colorful Japanese katakana script. This gives it a unique visual flair to complement the versatile overdrive and distortion tones within. If you appreciate exotic, artsy designs along with killer tone, the Geisha Drive delivers it all.

Way Huge Electronics Smalls Geisha Drive WM32 Effects Pedal White
Way Huge Electronics Smalls Geisha Drive WM32 Effects Pedal White
Way Huge Electronics Smalls Geisha Drive WM32 Effects Pedal White

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  • Wide range of overdrive and distortion tones shaped by guitar volume and attack
  • Three-knob control of Drive, Tone and Volume for gritty, grinding tones
  • Limited-edition pedal featuring colorful artwork with Japanese katakana writing
  • Touch sensitive for responsive dynamics

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