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Spice up your portable PA recipe by adding this wireless, Bluetooth-enabled karaoke system. The TabletOke-II is the simplest, most economical way to expand your sound system and boost your entertainment repertoire.

This state-of-the art karaoke mixer from VocoPro features two digital wireless microphones for those special performances that call for a duet. Use any karaoke app on your internet-enabled smartphone or tablet to connect via Bluetooth to the TabletOke-II. Patch into your mobile sound system using the included cables and you’re ready for center stage. While your smart device displays the lyrics your voice will be mixed with the song’s audio and played through your system.

The VocoPro TabletOke-II represents an improvement over its predecessor, boasting a visual display and a better remote control. Whether you’re a mobile DJ looking to diversify your marketability, or you simply want to have a party with friends, you can’t go wrong with the TabletOke-II.

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  • Includes two wireless microphones
  • 2.4gHz band operation for reliable transmission 
  • Vocal eliminator function reduces vocals on non-karaoke tracks
  • MPX function removes vocals on songs with multi-audio tracks
  • LED display shows volume and microphone effect levels
  • Connect to smart device via Bluetooth
  • Includes AUX cable to patch into any sound system

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