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The TC Electronic Classic450 bass amp head offers you easy access to a wide range of classic tones, all via the versatile vintage tone control section. This is backed with a Tubetone and multiband SpectraComp technology. TubeTone emulates every characteristic to deliver the full tube sound. Most transistor designs have tried to replicate the tube sound using one small preamp tube, but they generally fail as they don't take into account the crucial characteristics of the full preamp and power amp sections”both of which are essential to the sound. A regular compressor tends to be dominated by the lower string and most bass players believe that integrated compressors generally don't sound that good. SpectraComp virtually allows 'per string' compression that evens out the compression across all strings, delivering the quality, punchy sound that compressors are all about.

The bass amp head delivers 450W output power via Class D amplifier technology in combination with our Active Power Management. This ensures maximum power impact and behaves like a tube amp at full blast.

4 straight-forward vintage tone controls are carefully designed to grab your bass sound where it makes a difference. With great inspiration from a range of classic bass amp designs, the Vintage Tone control section is all you can wish for in simplicity and great sound. The mute switch allows you to instantly silence your amp while tuning, changing instruments or simply taking a break. The TC Electronic Classic450's tuner out always feeds signal to your tuner even when the front panel mute switch shuts off the speaker and linedriver output. This allows you to tune up in silence. The bass amp head's effects loop allows you to insert effects of your choice between the Pre amp and power amp section.

The input section caters to both active and passive basses, while its fully transformer-balanced line-driver output”featuring a pre/post tone control switch”delivers a perfect reproduction of tone for both recording and live use, so it's an ideal amp both on the road and in the studio.
  • Vintage tone control
  • TubeTone
  • Spectra comp
  • Wide range instrument input
  • Integrated linedriver
  • Output and linedriver Mute
  • Tuner out
  • Effects loop
  • World-ready power supply
  • Active Power Management
  • Weight: 8.8 lb.
  • Dimensions: 10.8"W x 11.4"L x 2.6"H
  • Balanced 'DI' output: galvanic isolated transformer-balanced (pre/post pre-amp)
  • Tone controls: four vintage tone controls
  • Compression: SpectraComp multi-band compression
  • Drive: TubeTone full amp simulation
  • Power: 450W (800+W peak)

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