The Wireless GO is an ultra-compact wireless microphone system that is unique in its clip’n’go versatility and incredibly compact form factor with a cool white finish. The transmitter features an in-built omnidirectional condenser capsule and can be used as a clip-on mic or with a RØDE lavalier, sending crystal-clear, broadcast-grade audio via 2.4GHz digital transmission to the on-camera receiver. It’s the perfect wireless mic solution for content creators in all disciplines: filmmakers, on-camera presenters, newsgatherers, vloggers and more.
  • Operates as a clip-on microphone or beltpack transmitterfor a lavalier/headset microphone
  • Built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone delivers broadcast-quality sound
  • All-new Series III 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission with 128-bit encryption designed to deliver crystal clear audio under any conditions, even in locations with dense Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activity like shopping malls, conventions, hotels etc
  • Up to 70m range (line-of-sight), but optimised for shorter-range operation in congested radio-frequency environmentsTX and RX have built-in rechargeablebatteries, charged via USB-CUp to 7 hours on a full charge, including a battery-saver mode
  • Super-lightweight and ultra-compact: TX is 31g and RX only 31g
  • The transmitter and receiver pair in just 3 seconds3-stage output pad: 0dB, -12dB and -24dBRØDE’s market-leading smartLav+ (with an SC3 adaptor),
  • Lavalier microphone and HS2 headset microphone are perfect companions for the Wireless GO when used as a beltpack (and sold separately)
  • Use up to 8 systems in one location.Also comes in white for easy concealment against bright clothing.
  • Key features:Transmitter operates as a clip-on microphone or beltpack for a lavalier/headset microphone.Ultra-compact form-factor –transmitter and receiver weigh a minuscule 31g each.Series III 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission with 128-bit encryption delivers crystal-clear audio under any conditions and excels in dense Wi-Fi and Bluetooth environments (shopping malls, conventions, hotels etc).
  • Up to 70m range (line-of-sight), optimisedfor short-range operation in congested RF environments.In-built rechargeable batteries that last up to 7 hours, charged via USB-C.
  • Super easy to use –transmitter and receiver auto-pair in under three seconds.3-stage output pad (0dB, -12dB and -24dB) and battery saver mode.Use up to eight systems in one location.Comes in either black or white.
  • Designed and made in RØDE’s precision manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia
  • Form factor: Clip-on pack
  • Weight: TX - 31g, RX - 31g
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): TX - 44 × 45.3 ×18.5 mm, RX - 44 x 46.4 x 18.5 mm
  • Included accessories: 2 x fur windshield, 1 x pouch, 2 x USB-A to USB-C cables, 1 x SC2 cable

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