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Anthem | Overview

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LR Baggs | John Oates | Maneater | Anthem

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Anthem Tru Mic Example

LR Baggs

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L.R. Baggs has created a breakthrough in acoustic amplification with the Anthem Tru-Mic system. This innovative technology seamlessly combines a studio-quality condenser microphone with their renowned Element pickup to deliver the warmth and nuance of a miked acoustic guitar anywhere you perform. The featherweight Tru-Mic mounts to the underside of the bridge plate, hovering just 3 mm above the surface to capture the soundboard's vibrations. Paired with noise cancelation, it provides the detail and dynamics of an external mic with exceptional feedback resistance.

Tru-Mic Technology Unlocks Your Guitar's Potential

At the heart of the Anthem system is L.R. Baggs' groundbreaking Tru-Mic technology. This proprietary condenser mic eliminates the honky, boxy tone that plagues most internal mics, revealing the natural voice of your guitar. Its innovative mounting system and noise cancelation give it the sensitivity of an external mic with the gain before feedback of an undersaddle pickup. The Tru-Mic captures the nuances that shape your guitar's unique personality, from the warmth of the wood to the resonance of the soundhole.

Seamless Blend of Mic and Pickup

The Anthem system pairs the Tru-Mic with L.R. Baggs' renowned Element undersaddle pickup. Together, they provide a seamless blend of mic and pickup, with the Tru-Mic delivering the midrange warmth and detail, augmented by the pickup for low end punch and power. The mix control allows you to dial in the perfect balance for any playing situation.

Convenient, Lightweight Controls

The Anthem system's featherweight control unit provides fingertip access to volume, mix and phase controls, nestling unobtrusively inside the soundhole. A multi-segment LED battery meter allows you to optimize battery life. Under the hood is L.R. Baggs' signature all-discrete preamp, providing the clean, transparent tone that has made their pickups an industry standard.

Unparalleled Freedom to Play Your Way

With its lightweight components and ability to capture the nuances of your playing style, the Anthem system provides unparalleled freedom. Now your guitar can sound exactly the way you want, whether you're shredding solos on stage, fingerpicking in the studio or composing at home. The Anthem system makes your acoustic guitar sing in a way that leaves other pickups in the dust.

LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic Acoustic Microphone/Piezo Pickup System
LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic Acoustic Microphone/Piezo Pickup System
LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic Acoustic Microphone/Piezo Pickup System

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  • Designed to work with standard acoustic guitars
  • Allows you to adjust a full blend between Element undersaddle pickup and microphone
  • Controller rests inside top of soundhole
  • Tru-Mic technology features noise-canceling mic with very high gain before feedback
  • Mic housing mounts to the bridge plate and capsule hovers 3 mm above its surface
  • Multi-segment battery check
  • Note: Not good for a split saddle or an adjustable saddle

      collapse expand iconSpecs

      • Tru Mic dimensions: 2.27" x .735"x .48"
      • Tru Mic weight: 0.5 oz.
      • Pickup active sensor length: 3.4"
      • Pickup thickness: .038"
      • Pickup width: .092"
      • Battery type: Single 9V
      • Battery life: 170 hr.
      • Mic range: 250Hz–20kHz

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