Evidence Audio


The Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable is a refinement of the original Lyric cable with greater resolving ability. It features engineering and components that guarantee the utmost integrity of your audio signal.

Evidence Audio was founded in 1997 to offer the finest Musical Instrument and studio cables available. Their technology is based on 20 years of research in preserving the quality of sound as it passes through electronics.
IGL Copper conductors:
    Smooth midrange and highsSymmetrical Design:
    • Dynamics scream from the quietest of backgrounds without using the shield to carry your signal
    Solid Core Conductors:
    • Preserve clarity and focus, revealing harmonic detail and articulation
    20 awg Conductor Size:
    • Large enough to communicate punch and authority, small enough to preserve a sense of air and delicacy
    Enhanced Dielectric:
    • Additional air reduces dielectric involvement
    Conductive skins applied to positive and negative runs:
    • Reduced microphonics with high gain amps
    High Density Copper Braid Shield:
    • Nothing but signal gets to your amp
    Woven Nylon Jacket:
    • Increases flexibility and protection for stage use

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