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The Beetronics FX Wannabee Beelateral Buzz dual overdrive pedal offers you a versatile palette of vintage and modern overdrive tones to shape your unique sound. It combines two highly responsive overdrive circuits, each with three distinct flavors, that can be run in parallel or chained together in either order. Circuit #0 delivers a range of creamy, mid-focused overdrive tones inspired by a classic Bluesbreaker. Circuit #1 offers up transparent overdrive tones with a touch of honey-sweetened harmonic richness inspired by the legendary Klon. With the innovative routing system, you have full control over how these circuits interact to produce an array of overdriven tones as nuanced as your playing style.

Vintage Overdrive and Modern Versatility

The Wannabee Beelateral Buzz builds upon iconic overdrive circuits to give you a versatile and creative tool for shaping your tone. Circuit #0 provides mid-focused overdrive tones ranging from a subtle grit to a full, harmonic saturation. Its three-way "Flavor" switch lets you adjust the low-end response. Circuit #1 delivers transparent overdrive with a hint of honey-like sweetness and natural compression. Its three-way "Flavor" switch controls the level of clean signal blended in. Running the circuits in parallel or chaining them together in either order unlocks a wide range of overdriven tones from vintage to modern and everywhere in between.

Parallel or Series Routing for Maximum Versatility

The innovative routing system is the gateway to unique tones. Run the circuits in parallel, with the volume controls blending them together or in series, with one circuit flowing into the next. In series mode, crank the first circuit's volume to push the second into buzzing distortion. The footswitch lets you kick in each circuit separately.

Responsive Controls Give You Total Flexibility

The innovative routing system of the Wannabee Beelateral Buzz puts you in complete control of your overdriven tone. In the center position, you can blend the volume of each circuit in parallel to create your perfect balance of overdrive flavors. The footswitch lets you determine the order of the circuits, flowing Circuit #0 into Circuit #1 for a progressive build-up of gain or flowing Circuit #1 into Circuit #0 for transparent overdrive into mid-focused saturation. Simply crank up the volume on the first circuit to push the second into higher gain stages for more complex distortion.

Premium Design and Bee-Inspired Style

The Wannabee Beelateral Buzz features a premium design with high-quality components selected to preserve your guitar's natural tone. Its sturdy enclosure is adorned with retro-futuristic graphics inspired by honeycomb patterns. Color-coded LEDs indicate the status of each overdrive circuit. With its innovative features, responsive controls and boutique styling, the Beetronics FX Wannabee Beelateral Buzz dual overdrive pedal is a must-have tool for crafting your signature overdriven tone.

Beetronics FX Wannabee Beelateral Buzz Dual-Drive Effects Pedal Blue Anodized
Beetronics FX Wannabee Beelateral Buzz Dual-Drive Effects Pedal Blue Anodized
Beetronics FX Wannabee Beelateral Buzz Dual-Drive Effects Pedal Blue Anodized

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  • Dual overdrive pedal blending Bluesbreaker and Klon circuits ,with three distinct flavors each, blendable in series or parallel
  • Footswitchable routing system lets you choose circuit order or blend in parallel
  • Circuit #0 provides Bluesbreaker-inspired tones with tube-like warmth and low end control
  • Circuit #1 offers transparent overdrive tones inspired by the Klon, with clean blend control

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