Barton crafts their walnut snare drum with two priorities: quality and simplicity. Like all Barton drums, this snare has no flashy gimmicks, no mixed formulas and no shells from third-party manufacturers. The process begins with 100% pure walnut, known for its balanced response and beautiful dark grain. Every shell is shaped by hand, fitted with tasteful hardware and hand-finished with a premium wrap, lacquer or satin gloss. That’s it. Barton doesn’t believe in superfluous extras designed to increase prices. These are high-quality snare drums that deliver on sound and performance. And working together with Guitar Center, Barton offers these elegant drums at a price working drummers can afford.

Barton Walnut Snare Drum Main Features

  • 14” snare drum made from 10-ply walnut shell
  • 45° bearing edges, cut by hand and fitted with 2.3 mm triple-flange hoops
  • Single row of vintage-style lugs, classic side throw-off and German snare wires
  • Lacquer finishes applied by hand, plus vented Barton badge

A Simple, Honest Walnut Snare Drum

Working drummers don’t ask for anything complicated—they need drums that sound perfect, last forever and look great on stage. That’s why Barton avoids proprietary gimmicks, which often increase prices while doing little to improve quality. Every one of these 14x6.5” snare drums begins with pure walnut, cut and shaped by hand into a 10-ply shell. The result is a classic walnut snare drum with warmth and balance across the tonal spectrum. Barton never uses fillers or mixes woods. They design every drum from the bottom up to get the most out of the chosen material.

Hand-Cut Edges, Steel Hoops and Name-Brand Heads

As part of the handcrafting process, Barton cuts the walnut shell to a sharp 45° bearing edge for clear attack and resonance. The outer edge is then sanded down to a slightly rounded shape to give the head more contact with the wood. The result is a carefully crafted mix of stick definition and walnut tone. The included Aquarian-made heads are branded with the simple cursive Barton logo. Steel 2.3 mm triple-flange hoops hold the head in place and create fat, powerful rim shots.

Minimalist Vintage-Style Hardware

Barton fits each shell with a single row of chrome “Bread and Butter” lugs, which are elegant but never flashy. Their narrow shape lets the finish shine through and minimizes shell contact, preserving the walnut sound. This snare comes complete with German steel snare wires, attached via string to a classic side throw-off with tension dial. Overall, the hardware package on this snare drum is consistent with Barton’s mission: simple, durable, attractive components that players can trust.

Finished With Care

Rather than offer dozens of finish options for every snare or shell pack, Barton selects a handful of finishes to match each drum. This allows them to control costs while focusing on quality. From natural satin to vintage lacquer, every finish is applied by hand. For sparkle finishes, that means meticulously hand-rubbing the glitter onto the shell before applying gloss. This ensures an even coat and unique pattern for every drum. All wraps are genuine Bartex, for durability and authentic vintage pedigree. The satin finishes are chosen to accentuate the grain on exotic tonewoods. Lastly, every shell receives the subtle red-and-white Barton badge, vented and labeled with their mission statement: World Class Drums.
  • Boutique-style walnut wood snare drum
  • 10-ply walnut shell, designed and cut from scratch with 45° bearing edge
  • Hardware includes 10 classic lugs and 2.3 mm triple-flange hoops
  • Hand-rubbed satin finish highlights exotic wood grain
  • High-quality German metal snare wires
  • Snare size: 14 x 6-1/2 in.
  • Total pieces: 1
  • Shell material: Walnut
  • Shell construction: 10-ply
  • Bearing edge: 45°
  • Hardware material: Steel
  • Hoop type: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Single-row
  • Snares: Steel
  • Heads: Branded
  • Finish type: Multiple