The BLOWiT Fan is a personal cooling system designed and built specifically for the active drummer and musician, with custom fittings and functions. Its powerful, yet quiet, 3-speed motor features the refreshing cooling force of a 7" Turbo-style fan to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable wherever you perform. With its high-strength, flexible gooseneck and universal mounting clamp, it easily clamps on to most 1/2" to 1-5/8" diameter hi-hat stands, cymbal stands, drum racks as well as most microphone and music stands. The BLOWiT fan allows the airflow to be moved with both directional and angle adjustments. To keep it all in great working condition for years to come, the fan has been built into a rugged and reliable housing. It also has a UL approved heavy-duty grounded power cable, which can plug into almost any electrical outlet.
3-speed motor
7" Turbo-style fan
Flexible gooseneck
Universal mounting clamp
Clamps to 1/2" to 1-5/8" diameter stands
Directional and angle adjustments
Rugged and reliable housing
UL approved heavy-duty grounded power cable

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