The djembe is the most popular African drum. Even first time players are quickly able to draw different tones from this great instrument. The XXS is part of the NINO Water Rhythm series and is crafted with great attention to detail and provides outstanding sound. This quality djembe is carved from one solid piece of plantation grown mahogany wood. It is a traditional style rope tuned instrument and has a woven hand strap for playing comfort. The XS is small and lightweight is great for children and adults alike.
  • Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown mahogany
  • Hand selected goat heads
  • High quality PP nylon ropes
  • Hand carved shells
  • Brown
  • Choose the size you want in the drop down menu
  • Small: 5.75"H x 8"W
  • Extra Small: 11.75"Hx 7"W
  • Extra Extra Small: 8"H x 4.5"W
  • Rope is 3mm thick
  • 20 Runners
  • 7" diameter (approx.)
  • 11.75" tall