The Neumann TLM 102 White Edition bestows the company’s most affordable large-diaphragm condenser with a sophisticated and elegant gloss-white finish. Produced in a limited run of 1,000 microphones, the White Edition includes a matching gloss-white Neumann EA 4 shockmount. Perfect for home studios and emerging audio engineers, the petite but powerful Neumann TLM 102 delivers a linear midrange response that captures the natural character of instruments and vocals, while simultaneously providing a slight boost at 10kHz for a silky highs and airy dimension. Low-end sounds are captured in their full, warm and coherent glory without any muddiness. Clear and transparent recording is facilitated by the mic’s self-noise rating of 12dB-A—which is lower than the ambient noise in a quiet room. A dynamic range of 132dB means you can consider using the TLM 102 to track drums and other thunderously loud instruments without fearing distortion or unpleasant signal coloration. An integrated pop screen guards against vocal plosives.

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