NUX B-10 Vlog is a compact and lightweight wireless microphone system consisting of a receiver and a transmitter capable of achieving a wireless distance of up to 30 meters. NUX B-10 can provide a stable wireless connection and record high-quality, low-noise, low-latency audio. Compatible with most existing cameras/mobile phones/tablets, the B-10 Vlog is a solution for video shoots, product evaluation, event speeches, live broadcasts and web conferences. B-10 Vlog equips a high-quality omnidirectional microphone unit, which can pick up sounds from different directions. It makes 44.1Khz/24bit high-quality recording with latency as low as 5ms and intelligent noise reduction and ensures that sound and video are synchronized. A knob-style fur windscreen are also provided to dampen wind noise in windy outdoor weather conditions for extremely clear, professional sound in any situation.

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