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NEAT Microphones Beeline XLR Quad Conductor Microphone Cable

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A great mic deserves a great cable.

Mimicing the bumblebee colors of the Neat mic line, the Beeline XLR mic cable is a perfect match for your King Bee or Worker Bee microphone. It is a quad braided cable, two pairs of twisted strands for noiseless signal tranfer with expanded dynamic range capacity and broad frequency response. Ruggedly made and delivering professional performance and a unique design that syncs beautifully with Neat's microphone designs. It is a top quality cable for any microphone, but the styling is particularly nice when paired with a Neat mic.


Quad conductor cable (4-22 AWG)
Stylish and colorful design
Broad dynamic range and wide frequency response

If you are getting a Neat microphne, you need this cable. Order today.