The Morley AFX-1 Analog Multi FX pedal features four essential vintage analog effects in one handy, lightweight device. Everything you need for practice, fly dates, recording or the big show can be accessed within the various effect circuits, each of which comes from classic Morley products from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Simply step on to engage the Wah, and step off to go to bypass for Classic Switchless and Optical Wah. Next is an Analog Distortion with pre and post Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble knobs, and a separate Gain switch and Gain level for a more saturated distortion tone. You can set two distinct distortions for rhythm and lead, then, access a lush analog stereo chorus which ranges from mild slow chorus to fast vibrato. Finally, the 300ms Analog Delay gives you that big stadium ambience.

Each of the AFX-1 Analog Multi FX's effects is switched on/off with a familiar stomp switch, and has a unique colored LED for each. No programming or complicated manuals on this one: Simply plug in, turn a few knobs and start playing. The AFX-1 is also equipped with mono and stereo outputs, plus an FX loop that inserts between the distortion and chorus. Includes a buffer circuit and 9V 1000mA adapter, and all comes nicely packed in a roadworthy steel enclosure with unique chrome finish.