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This book from Modern Drummer founder Ron Spagnardi will help drummers using a traditional single bass set-up attain the most effective and efficient results from their playing. In a simple and methodical manner, it presents bass drum development exercises using 8th notes, triplets, two common 16th-note figures, straight 16th notes, 16th-note triplets, and 32nd notes. The last section of the book presents five challenging solos using combinations of the previously studied material.
Strength, Speed, Endurance and Control for Single Bass Drum Players
Series: Percussion
Publisher: Modern Drummer Publications
Format: Softcover with CD
Author: Ron Spagnardi
Inventory #HL 06620158
ISBN: 9781617805066
UPC: 884088553319
Width: 9.25"
Length: 12.0"
80 pages