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Romania boasts an endless wealth of folk music and culture. While the music of the north still sounds familiar to West-European ears, it becomes gradually faster and fierier towards the south. The six movements of Romanian Dances consist of various folk songs collected and arranged by the composer, and represent a cross section of styles from dances with stomping and drumming to dances associated with prayer. This suite includes: Movement 2: Batuta 1 (A dance with stomping and drumming) Movement 3: Colinda (New Year's dance) Movement 4: Jocuri (Game dances) Movement 5: Apsanescu (a circle dance that contains de invirtit, or dancing gradually faster and faster in circles) Romanian Dances is also available in the following editions: 44007484 Romanian Dances (Complete) ($369.00) 44007478 Overture from Romanian Dances (Movement 1: Meleaguri mistice [Mystic Landscape] - $134.00) 44007482 Finale from Romanian Dances (Movement 6: Batuta 2 - $99.00)

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