Mesa Boogie


The 50-Watt EL-34-powered Triple Crown TC-50 from Mesa/Boogie captures the essence of rock with the ability to expand into other genres. From bubbly, sparkling clean sounds—rarely heard in this type of amp—to a tight and aggressive wall of rock crunch, the Triple Crown is aimed squarely at rock's high-gain throne. Geared for versatility, the Triple Crown TC-50 features a Bias Switch, allowing users to swap the stock complement of EL-34s for the fatter, rounder sounding 6L6. Lush all-tube reverb drenches the TC-50's three channels with a beautiful 3-D halo and provides assignable choices on where to use it for the best results. Additional features include MIDI for true connectivity and a variety of ways to access the amazing sounds and pro features packed inside the TC-50. A Store toggle switch allows for simple one-touch writing of footswitchable functions to any of 256 MIDI program numbers.

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