The Triple Crown TC-100 Rackmount Tube Head from Mesa/Boogie brings bold authority, amazing control and big venue horsepower to the same footprint as the TC-50. Weighing only an additional 11 lb, the 100-watt Triple Crown features Multi-Soak Power Attenuation to deliver the best sonic characteristics of rock-inspired amps from the '70s to today. The Triple Crown offers the grunt and kick of a 100-watt tube head but with the ability to control it for home or studio use. Select from the full 100-watts of power and headroom to incrementally descending wattage from 100 to 50, 20, 7 or 3 watts of low power clip-ability to adapt to the situation or environment. Also similar to the TC-50, the Triple Crown 100 features a Bias Select Switch which provides the option to go from the stock compliment of EL-34s to the fatter, rounder sounding 6L6 or lower powered 6V6. In addition to 100 watts of shapeable power, the TC-100 offers three channels that deliver pristine clean, aggressive crunch and massive gain.