Michael J. Burritt, Professor of Percussion at the world-renowned Eastman School of Music, came to Malletech in 2010 to lay down a design challenge. He wanted low octave reaches as easy as the Malletech Stiletto Marimba, but with a sound as big as their full-sized instruments. He wanted more highs on the highs and more lows on the lows. He wanted a completely new look.

The result is the visually arresting, incredible-sounding MJB 5.0 Michael J Burritt marimba. This is state-of-the-art marimba technology in the world right now, and merits a presence in top quality recording studios, concert halls and jazz stages anywhere in the world.

Harley look, Stradivarius sound. The Malletech of the future, here today.
  • Patented metal-topped resonator tuners
  • Massive 4-inch diameter slow-bent low resonators
  • New deep-bass bar geometry
  • Extremely rigid twin-screw, belt driven height adjustment
  • 25 tunable, 36 stationary resonators