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Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal

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The new œ1 pedal from Mad Professor combines distortion and reverb to provide the sought-after "brown sound" of the late '70s and early '80s. With intense drive, high definition and a built-in reverb to add ambience and depth, this truly is the one to deliver one of the most legendary guitar tones to ever come out of an amplifier. Controls for Rev...  Click To Read More About This Product

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The new œ1 pedal from Mad Professor combines distortion and reverb to provide the sought-after "brown sound" of the late '70s and early '80s. With intense drive, high definition and a built-in reverb to add ambience and depth, this truly is the one to deliver one of the most legendary guitar tones to ever come out of an amplifier. Controls for Reverb, Brown, Level and Presence let you shape the 1' sound to fit your style perfectly.

œ1' gain ranges from medium to very heavy distortion. The amount can be easily controlled via the volume control of your guitar (input impedance is set to facilitate this, and is somewhat negated if a buffer or buffered effect is used ahead of œ1). The Brown knob controls the amount and harmonic overtones of the distortion. Getting the exact tonal quality is the key to this legendary sound and œ1' Brown and Presence controls help it appropriately interface with a wide variety of pickups and amplifiers. œ1 has a build in Reverb circuit with a Level control for setting the ambience. The sound is modeled after the studio reverb found on classic recordings from the 70'. The decay time is preset so as not to mess the rhythm of your playing. The preset decay time and tone can be modified with trimmers inside the pedal.

The controls are:
· VOLUME: Sets the output level of pedal.
· BROWN:: Controls the distortion and the sizzling highs.
· PRESENCE: Adjusts frequencies similar to the Presence control on an amplifier.
· REVERB: Sets the œwet level of the Reverb
Internal trimmers:
· REVERB DECAY: Adjusts the length of the Reverb decay time.
· REVERB TONE: Brightens or darkens the Reverb decay.


  • Delivers the sought-after "brown sound" of the late '70s
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Mad Professor1 Guitar Effects Pedal

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(5 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


Just alright

By James Burr

from Tulsa, OK

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

It's not that satisfying. It works fine. It is a well made pedal. I haven't had any trouble like another review with it's durability or electronics, but it's a 3 star because it's only ok. There's nothing about the sound that is overwhelming. The color, no pun intended, isn't very dramatic. It's distortion is the equivalency of an electric ham sandwich. It's fine, just not really satisfying. I wouldn't describe the distortion as smooth. I'm playing it through a 5150 when I want to get a distortion while in my clean channel. I think the Mad Prof's Mighty Red is probably a better pedal. Try it out though. It doesn't sound like the sound clips they're have. I'm playing a 5150 III amp, and PRS & EVH guitars.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Spotty Quality

By Frank Grau

from L.A., CA

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

After seeing the reviews on YouTube, I bought this pedal the next day...and then returned it within an hour. The Good: The reverb on this is wonderful and perfectly balanced. It also produced the strong mids for which EVH is known. The Bad: The pedal had an oscillating compression effect (like a phaser, sort of), which I didn't want, and which I could not eliminate or control. I don't know if the phaser effect was built in to replicate Eddie's use of the MXR 90, or if it was some strange anomaly unique to being paired with my amp. The thing is, I used it with a clean-sounding amp. And this amp is touted as working best with a clean-sounding amp, so I would have though my amp would be a perfect match. Whether the phasing/compression effect was intentional or not, I hated it. Had I been able to get rid of that effect, I would have kept the pedal. My advice would be to test this with your equipment before buying. Finally, I've read other reviews where others had technical issues with this pedal, so I'm wondering if the quality-control on production of these is just not up to par with Mad Professor's other products.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Well Deserved 5 Stars !

By Ty Schultz _

from Findlay,Ohio

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

Tip of the hat,After 26 hours of testing Clocked with a Computer timer program. First of all I would like to report I have had zero problems. Ok, to my test results:Tone,Tone Woohoo Tone, This "1" Pedal delivers just like the demo video's I've seen. With almost all pedals I have used over my many years you have to go just past the 1/4 mark to get that next level of effect out of any pedal with the "1" I have found it's just pass the 1/8 mark which in turn gives you 2x's the control over your options in this one pedal through the reverb in there with this type control over the reverb is a + with the reverb it goes from nice & warm to WTH Wild Way Way to much for my wants or needs but it nice to know its there if I ever need it , Level is Level enough said there.The Brown on this pedal makes me smile you can get some Hell Yea Screaming going on with crisp AH with the same 1/8 turn of the knob ,I'm thinking of keeping it just under 1/2 to keep the warmth side out front,Presence is presence with the distortion side of this pedal you will need to play around with your rig to to balance your pedal to your rig a no brain'er I know my point is it's easy to get your sound dialed in fast. All testing was done on a 6505+ Peavey HS (at the practice hall) also a Peavey 30 watt Vypyr Head,set on 6505 amp setting through a 4x12 Peavey Cab (at home)3 different Solid body guitars,made from 3 different woods (Yes one was basswood,Yuck not a fan of bass) I havent had ANY problems with this pedal working with other pedals or effects on both rigs & it has open up room on my pedal board & will stay there for playing out. Downside I need to buy another one for my home rig (lol no joke)& playing old cover I havent played in years but having a blast doing it :) I hope this helps someone out & Happy Playing E1

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Still under review...


from Woodstock, IL

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

Review after one day: Love the tone...when notes are sustained (I allow them to ring out. I like the reverb option. However, I get what seems like a wierd processing artifact when palm muting (with or without reverb). It's as if the the response time of the overdrive circuit is lagging or delayed, but that gets masked when playing power chords or notes that ring out. TIght palm muting almost begins to result in a sound like a delay effect which is rather odd, and irritating because it messes up the intended rhythm. I sooooo badly want this pedal to work becuase I love the tone I get when playing power chords. More on this later (I'll edit this review) if I discover that it's a fixable issue. In the mean time, the jury is still out on this one, for me.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great pedal. Very versatile and responsive.

By Robert Hudson III

from Houston, TX

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

So far, so good. Tried it out at the store before taking it home. Very responsive to tone and volume controls on the guitar. Playing it through a strat with vintage pickups and a Blues Jr NOS. Lots of range with it. You can get a lot of great sounds by playing with it, just experiment. Have yet to really take it for a drive with it cranked up but am expecting excellent response and tone. Need to run it through the PRS as well to see how the humbuckers work with it. Really love the pedal to date.


Good Brown Tone but Minimal Variability - Outstanding Reverb

By Daniel

from New York

Site Member

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

This pedal has a nice tone when used with the right type of playing style to emulate that Brown sound, but it can sound a bit harsh at times (lots of mid-range which is OK for lead work but a bit harsh when playing rhythm). I find that there is not too much variation from the Brown setting at the 9 O'clock or at 3 o'clock position and the Presence setting while having some impact, doesn't change the tone enough for my tastes. Basically, what you get is that main brown sound at the manufacturer wants you to hear it but without much tone shaping capability with one notable great exception... the reverb. The reverb on this pedal is the key to shaping the sound and is outstanding. Actually, it is better than many other reverb pedals designed for that purpose. It sounds natural and can go from a subtle sustain type effect all the way up to a canyon type openness. I have not noticed the phasing effect others have noted at all and wonder if it may be something it interacts with in their particular chain of effects or a power supply / battery issue. I give it 4 stars for the Brown sound and great reverb, but would take off a star if you really like to sculpture your tone.


Van Halen in a Box!


from Dallas, TX

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

This is a great stand-alone pedal, giving you awesome '80s Marshall sounds. If you ever hear Pete Thorn's demo of it on YouTube, be careful, as it will create serious GAS to buy one of these gems. Well made, and easy to dial into your own guitar and amp's flavor. My only possible complaint is that I like to have my dirt boxes at the beginning of my pedal chain and my reverb at the end of it. If you use other modulation after this pedal, it can sometimes sound a little funky. Just make sure to turn off those pedals when you kick this one on and you're all set.


High Quality/Well Built and Engineered Pedal

By David P Makowski

from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

Comments about Mad Professor 1 Guitar Effects Pedal:

I purchased the Mad Professor Number One pedal from Guitar Center just before Christmas. I was a little hesitant from some of the reviews I read but I figured I could always return it if there were any issues. I'm happy to report that my pedal sounds really good. This is definitely a "distortion" pedal and not an overdrive. The tone is bold, shimmering, and dirty but with clarity. The reverb is as good as it gets! As far as the "brown sound" goes, I'm not so sure about that however the sounds and tones that can be dialed in are excellent. This pedal is also very loud and powerful. If you are looking for a good distortion pedal and you happen to want reverb too, then this would be the way to go. Sound is subjective so I would encourage anyone who is considering buying one of these units to take your guitar to Guitar Center and ask if they can set it up so you can tell for sure what it will sound like before you make payment and take it home.

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