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Mackie PPM1012 / C300z PA Package

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The Mackie PPM1012 / C300Z PA Package includes the Mackie PPM1012 Professional Compact Mixer with 8 mono/2 stereo channels, effects, and graphic EQs; 2 x Mackie C300Z Passive 12" PA Speakers; 4 Audio-Technica M4000s dynamic mics; 4 mic cables: and 2 speaker cables.Ultra-light and completely self-contained, every PPM mixer features two ridiculously ...  Click To Read More About This Product

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The Mackie PPM1012 / C300Z PA Package includes the Mackie PPM1012 Professional Compact Mixer with 8 mono/2 stereo channels, effects, and graphic EQs; 2 x Mackie C300Z Passive 12" PA Speakers; 4 Audio-Technica M4000s dynamic mics; 4 mic cables: and 2 speaker cables.

Ultra-light and completely self-contained, every PPM mixer features two ridiculously robust power amps for Mains and Monitors (500W + 500W in the PPM608; 800W + 800W in the PPM1012/1012). With up to 1600 watts of system power, these mixers provide all the raw power that you need. Mackie has custom designed the PPM mixers with Class-D amps, which ensure maximum efficiency and minimum heat, to keep your sound pumping until they start kicking people out. Mackie's proven Fast Recovery circuitry eliminates the risk of pesky amp latching. And to protect your speakers, Mackie has included a built-in limiter that rivals the most popular outboard limiters on the market today. PPM mixers are surprisingly lightweight, but tremendously powerful. You can push a PPM to its maximum output, distortion free!

Mackie PPM1012 Professional Compact Mixer
Ultra-light and rack-mountable, the Mackie PPM1012 professional powered desktop mixer features two ridiculously robust power amps for mains and/or monitors (800W + 800W). With 1600 watts of system power, this mixer provides all the raw power that you need. Things can get pretty intense out there, and your gear needs to be able keep up the pace. We custom designed the PPM1012 with Class-D amps, which are cool-running and boast maximum efficiency, keeping your sound pumping until they start kicking people out. We had to include Mackie's proven Fast Recovery circuitry, eliminating the risk of pesky amp latching. The result is a distortion free mix even when pushing peak levels. The built-in limiter can go toe-to-toe with the most popular outboard stereo limiters used in live sound today, protecting your speakers from damage. The limiter's attack and release times are specifically selected to address full-bandwidth music and will not muddy things up by adding any unwanted pumping. PPM mixers are surprisingly lightweight, but tremendously powerful. You can push the PPM1012 to its maximum output, distortion free!

The Right Tools for the Job
Most powered mixers out there have either a limited set of mixing tools-keeping your mix decidedly average-or they cram in a mind-boggling amount of lame effects that you would never use. Every professional carries the right tools for the job, so the PPM1012 comes with a great-sounding, highly useable toolkit:
•Premium Mackie preamplifiers ensure transparent, low-noise/high-headroom characteristics right at the front of the mixer. The PPM1012 offers 8 mic/line channels with trusted Mackie preamplifiers.
•True 48V phantom power allows every condenser mic to perform at its full potential.
•Legendary 3-band active EQ straight off the tremendously popular VLZ3 mixer series. Sweetening any channel is a breeze.
•Individual channel inserts (ch. 1-6) allow compressors and other outboard processing on critical instrument or voice channels. Don't leave the lead singer hanging!
•Dedicated in-line compressors on channels 1-4 bring simple but sweet dynamics to the PPM mixers.
•Dual graphic EQs are provided for use with mains and monitors. These EQs feature tight, constant-Q Filters that effect only the frequency range you've intended, unlike many inexpensive built-in graphic EQs that will remain nameless.
•Simple stuff like useable main and monitor output metering make a huge difference in your mix. Sorry, but 5 LED meters at the output doesn't tell you that you're about to clip. Mackie's high-resolution 12-segment meters enable more visibility of your signal, and the super quick response of the meters allows what you see to translate quickly and easily to what you hear.

"Gig Ready" Effects
Dual (as in 2) RMFX+ (Running Man FX) effects processors bring "gig-ready," useable effects to your mixes. Why scroll through hundreds of bizarre effects, like "ghost ambience?" Yeah, like anyone even knows what that means. Or how about winners like "delay+phaser2," which you'll never use in a million years. Those other mixers will leave your fingers raw from all the scrolling you have to do. The RMFX+ processor features 24 solid FX that are known for their utility and usability. Small, medium and large room reverbs with the choice of a warm or bright characteristic put your mix in the right space. Simple, rich choruses and an array of practical delays with common amounts of repeats enable you to create professional mixes without requiring a two-hour sound check. Also, the RMFX+ is the first onboard processor to feature a user tap function. So if you want to use a delay, but our preset delay time doesn't work, you can tap it in instantly! Basically, we've delivered a full rack of gear at your fingertips that is easy to master, allowing you to look and sound really good at your next gig.

Absolutely Armored
Armored and ready for action, the PPM1012 is encased in solid metal, protecting it from years of abuse and one too many spilled beers (seriously, spilled beer makes us sad). The integrated front handle allows you to easily pick it up and get going, and it is rack-mountable for added rigidity and security.

Matching Made Easy
Matching speakers to amps can suck the fun out of an otherwise pleasant trip to the music store. Keeping that in mind, PPM mixers and Mackie passive speakers were made for each other. Mackie even included the one-touch Precision Passive EQ button, which is designed to make their speakers sound better than ever. From the popular C series (C300/200) to the S series (S200/S400), Mackie designs their mixers to match the power requirements of their passive speakers perfectly. Try driving a pair of S225 15" speakers off someone else's mixer. You can almost smell the smoke now! Yet this is child's play using a PPM and a pair of S225's. Mackie has easily provided enough power for a complete system. In fact, there is enough power to drive two S215 15" 2-way speakers off the mains AND a pair of C300s as Monitors without needing outboard amps.

So if you want a truly professional set of tools for your next gig, including a Mackie mixer, onboard compressors, Fast Recovery amplification, twin graphic EQs, and "gig-ready" effects, pair up a PPM1012 and any Mackie Precision Passive loudspeakers for the ultimate, portable, professional P.A. system.

Mackie C300Z Passive 12" PA Speaker
The C300Z 2-Way Portable Passive Loudspeaker off superior clarity, wide dispersion, and legendary ergonomics to the serious musician, DJ, or small club. These compact-yet-loud speakers can be pole-mounted for use as a small full-range PA system, combined with subwoofers as needed, and even employed as high-quality passive floor monitors. The C300Z features 12" LF drivers with a frequency range from 50 Hz - 3000 Hz and a 3" voice coil that can take a pounding. A 1.75" High-Frequency titanium Driver and Horn provides a wide, controlled dispersion pattern and precise reproduction of the critical 1000 Hz - 20,000 Hz upper mid-range and high frequencies.

Crossovers Tuned To Perfection
The crossover in the C300Z is a unique Low Impedance Compensated Crossover (LICC) design with an asymmetrical slope. With EQ and crossover points meticulously chosen so that beamwidth patterns match in both drivers, C Series loudspeakers offer natural sound at all volume levels.

Ultra-Wide Dispersion
The C300Z has a multi-cell horn throat aperture that allows for a much wider and more even dispersion of high and mid frequencies-so even the wallflowers in back get the same great listening experience as those up front.

Better Than The Average Box
Low-frequency transducers in square boxes can create resonances that reflect off the rear wall and pass through the woofer cone out of phase, and really to mess up your sound. The C300Z enclosure is an asymmetrical monocoque design with no parallel surfaces, causing mid and high frequency resonances to be reflected at angles into internal damping materials, instead of interfering with the woofer doing its thing.

Superb Floor Monitor
The C300Z has incredibly smooth, spike-free response and dispersion over a wide range of treble frequencies. So you can increase its volume without boosting those nasty, feedback-inducing spikes. Without extensive tuning, no passive speaker or specialized floor wedge in this class can even come close.

Audio-Technica M4000s Dynamic Microphone
The handheld Audio-Technica M4000S dynamic microphone combines professional features with a ridiculously affordable price tag. Audio-Technica tailors the M4000S mic's frequency response for crystal-clear vocal reproduction. Great feedback rejection and focused pickup are due to the A-T microphone's unidirectional polar pattern. The M4000S Audio-Technica mic also is equipped with a handy On/Off switch for convenience.

Audio-Technica professional microphone enhancements include a balanced XLR output, and a mic clip. Whether you're on the road, in the studio, or just performing at local gigs. Expect the all-metal Audio-Technica M4000S microphone to provide you with years of trouble-free use.


 Mackie PPM1012 Professional Compact Mixer 
Full-featured 10-channel, 1600W, ultra-light Professional Powered Mixer with onboard 32-bit digital RMFX+ processor
800W + 800W Mackie designed Class-D, Fast Recovery power amplifiers
32-bit dual RMFX+ processor featuring 24 "Gig Ready", useable reverbs, choruses, and tap delay for live applications
8 mic/line mono inputs and 2 stereo line inputs for flexible connectivity
Mackie high-headroom, low-noise mic preamps with RF rejection for pristine signal

Dedicated In-line Compression provides increased presence and punch for vocals and instruments
Mackie's 3-Band Active channel EQ with a Mid sweep (100Hz-8kHz) on mono channels & 4-band active EQ on stereo line channels 9 & 10
2 built-in DI boxes for direct instrument connections on channels 7 & 8
4 Aux sends”2 FX & 2 Mon
Dual 9-Band graphic EQ on the Mains and Monitor outputs for tuning rooms and monitor mixes
Mono output with level control & low pass filter selectable from 75 Hz - 100 Hz
3-Mode Amplifier for ultra-flexible routing, switchable as Mains Stereo L/R, Mono Mains/Monitor 1, or Mon 1 & Mon 2
Precision Passive EQ for enhanced clarity and LF response with Mackie passive loudspeakers
48v Phantom power available for all mic inputs
Headphone output with level control
12v BNC lamp Jack
Built-like-a-tank metal chassis with a handle built into the front of the mixer for easy transport
Rack ears included
Lightweight and portable (29 lb./ 13 kg)

Mackie C300Z Passive 12" PA Speaker
Portable Precision Passive loudspeaker with 1.75" HF compression driver and 12" LF transducer
HF compression driver mounted on a multi-celled aperture, with a constant directivity horn for room-wide 90 x 45 dispersion
Precise reproduction of critical upper mid-range and high frequencies
Tough, impact-resistant enclosure with sturdy handles, pole-mount, and integrated rigging points
Designed for optimum performance with Mackie powered mixers and power amplifiers
750W peak power handling
Three setup configurations: pole mount, flyable and wedge

Audio-Technica M4000s Dynamic Microphone
Frequency response tailored for crystal-clear vocal reproduction
Unidirectional pattern for feedback rejection and focused pick up
All-metal design for years of trouble-free use
Convenient on/off switch
Professional features include balanced XLR output and mic clip
 Mackie PPM1012 Professional Compact Mixer 
Distortion (THD + N)
(1 kHz, 30 kHz bandwidth)
Mic mono: <0.003%
Line mono: <0.003% low gain
Line stereo <0.003% at main out

Main mix output noise
(1 kHz, 30 kHz bandwidth)
Main mix level down, all channel levels down: -95 dBu
Main mix level 0 dB, all channel levels down: -89 dBu
Main mix level 0 dB, all channel levels 0 dB: -84 dBu

Frequency Response
(+0 dB/-3 dB)
Mic mono input: < 10 Hz-100 kHz
Line mono inputs: < 10 Hz-32 kHz
Line stereo inputs: < 10 Hz-80 kHz

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)
Mic input (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
150 Πtermination: -128 dBu

Mic mono input: 0 dB to +50 dB
Line mono inputs: -20 dB to +30 dB low gain
Line stereo inputs: -20 dB to +20 dB low gain

Maximum Levels
Mic mono input: +21 dBu
Line mono inputs: +21 dBu
Line stereo inputs: +21 dBu
Preamp main and monitor outputs: +21 dBu

Mic mono input, balanced: 3.6 kΠbalanced
Line mono input, balanced: 20 kΠbalanced
Line mono input, Ch 7, 8 Hi-Z: 500 kΠunbalanced
Line stereo inputs: 20 kΠbalanced
Main and monitor preamp outputs: 240 Πbalanced; 120 Πunbalanced

Channel EQ
High Shelving (all channels) ±15 dB @ 12 kHz
Mid Mono Channels:
Mid Peaking, sweepable ±15 dB
Mid sweep range: 100 Hz to 8 kHz

Mid Stereo Channels:
Hi Mid Peaking: ±15 dB @ 2.5 kHz
Lo Mid Peaking: ±15 dB @ 400 kHz
Low Shelving (all channels) ±15 dB @ 80 Hz

Phantom Power: +48 VDC, globally switchable to all Mic inputs

9-Band Graphic EQ
Main and Monitor 1: ±15 dB @
63, 125, 250, 500, 1k,
2k, 4k, 8k and 16 kHz

Mic input: XLR balanced
Line mono input: 1/4" TRS balanced
Line stereo input: 1/4" TRS unbalanced
Preamp main outputs: 1/4" TRS balanced
Monitor outputs: 1/4" TRS balanced
Inserts: 1/4" TRS unbalanced
Loudspeaker outputs: 1/4" TS and Neutrik

Loudspeaker outputs
(Both channels loaded and driven at 1 kHz.)
Peak output power @ 4 Œ: 2 x 800 W peak
Average output power @ 4 Œ: 2 x 400 W rms, 1% THD; 2 x 500 W rms, 3% THD
Average output power @ 8 Œ: 2 x 250 W rms, 1% THD; 2 x 300 W rms, 3% THD
Recommended load impedance: 4 - 8 Πper side

Running Man Effects
Type: 32-bit internal processor, mono in, stereo out
Effects presets: 24 Mackie-designed

Power Consumption: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 250 watts; 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz: 250 Watts
Dimensions (H x W x D): 19.2 x 17.4" x 5.2" (487 mm x 442 mm x 133 mm)
Weight: 29 lb (13.2 kg)

Mackie C300Z Passive 12" PA Speaker
Acoustic Performance
Frequency Response (-3 dB): 55Hz - 18kHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB): 45Hz - 20kHz
Maximum SPL Long-term @ 1m: 123dB
Crossover Frequency: 1800Hz

Input Type: Speakon-style NL4 jack 1/4-inch TS phone jack
Input Impedance: 8 ohms
Power Handling: (RMS) 300 watts, (Peak) 750 watts

Construction Features
Basic Design: Asymmetrical Trapezoidal
Material: Polypropylene
Finish: Black Textured
Handles: One on each side, one on top
Grille: Perforated metal with weather-resistant coating
Operating temperature range: 14∞F to 113∞F, (-10∞C to 45∞C)

Physical properties
Height: 26.1", (663mm)
Width: 16.0", (406mm)
Depth: 14.8", (376mm)
Weight: 46lb. (20.9kg)

Audio-Technica M4000s Dynamic Microphone
Element: Moving coil dynamic
Polar pattern: Unidirectional
Frequency response: 70Hz — 12.000Hz
Open circuit sensitivity: -52dB (2.5 mV)
Impedance: 500 Ohms
Switch: On/off
Weight: 329 grams (11.6 oz.)
Dimensions: 178.3mm (7.02") length, 56.3mm (2.22") body diameter
Output Connector: Integral 3-pin XLR M-type
Accessories: Slip-in stand clamp for 5/8" — 27 threaded adaptor
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