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The MXR M66S Classic Overdrive pedal adds a touch of grit and gain to your guitar's signal without compromising its inherent tone. With independent output and gain controls, you can dial in the perfect amount of overdrive and tailor the volume to suit any playing situation. A simple footswitch lets you toggle between the effect and bypassing it with ease.

Output and Gain Controls Provide Ultimate Versatility

The M66S gives you total control over your overdrive tone with independent output and gain knobs. Increase the gain to push your amp into creamy, harmonically rich overdrive or keep it subtle for a touch of grit. Then adjust the output to balance the volume for any playing environment, from a small club gig to an arena show. With this level of versatility, you can achieve any overdrive tone you want.

Simple Bypass Lets Your Natural Tone Shine Through

A no-nonsense footswitch provides an easy way to engage and disengage the overdrive effect. When bypassed, your guitar's signal passes directly through unaffected, allowing its natural tone to ring out clear and true. Activate the overdrive for a classic, tube-like crunch or to push a distorted amp channel into singing sustain. A quick tap of the footswitch is all it takes to return to your guitar's pure tone.

Indestructible Housing Protects Your Tone

Housed in an indestructible die-cast enclosure, the M66S is built-to-withstand years of performance use without impacting your tone. Its rugged construction shields the pedal's circuitry from damage so you can achieve the same great overdrive sound night after night. Power it with a 9V battery for convenience or a Dunlop AC adapter for consistency.

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  • Output and gain controls for ultimate control at any volume
  • Simple footswitch toggles effect on or bypass

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All pedals - one year parts and labor warranty.

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