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For guitar/bass/piano/voice, The 12 Notes of Music, is an ear training method so unique a U.S. Patent has been applied for.

There are only 12 notes in the musical alphabet, when you have mastered them you have mastered
music. Take an in depth look at each individual note and learn how it associates with other notes,
giving you a full understanding of the tonal structure of melodies, harmonies, and chords.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician you will gain a world of insight by learning
our twelve musical tones! 18 pages.

From the author Mark John Sternal's introduction to The 12 Notes of Music:

Dear Musician,

Thank you, and congratulations for choosing "The Twelve Notes Of Music." Although this is a short book, the information written on its pages is priceless. I devised this concept of ear training while I was teaching music full time in Florida. Interval study is nothing new, but a patterned system for learning each interval in every key, on every guitar or bass string and fret, or every key on a piano makes it easier than ever. I have been using it with my students since 1997 and their progress has been amazing! Their ability to learn by ear has increased dramatically, and much faster than I expected. It has also resulted in more creative, melodic and harmonic writing. My students and I are finding we can name intervals (both melody and harmony) just by hearing them.

For example: you're driving in your car and you notice that the progression to the song on the radio uses perfect fourth passing chords for the first two measures, then a minor sixth interval played as a major chord, followed by a minor fourth, then a perfect fifth played as a major chord (which theoretically does not fit, but it sounds perfect in this particular song). If I'm losing you here, I apologize. After you've studied the interval
patterns in this book, you will have a complete understanding of these references, and a
much deeper appreciation for music.

The same applies for writing music; When writing a lead melody, harmony, or chords you will begin to find it easier to find the next note or notes to add to your song. Overall, expressing your musical thoughts will become second nature. With practice you'll be able to do it instantly. Here's how it works: After establishing a root note, there are only 12 intervals that can apply. Spend enough time on each interval and learn to recognize its qualities. When you begin to study the next interval, compare it with what you have already studied and learn their differences. After you have learned all twelve intervals, choose another note as a root and apply the patterns to this key. After you have learned a few keys you will find the remainder of the 12 will progressively get easier, and may not even require much effort at all. That's the beauty of these patterns; they never change. Regardless of what key you're in, a perfect fifth interval will always be a perfect fifth interval. If you don't understand what is written on this page, read it again after you have applied the 12 easy steps in this book. It will make a world of sense to you at that time. I wish you the best success with your musical pursuit, whether it's your career or hobby!
Thank you,

Mark John Sternal


"Brilliant yet simple approach to complex subject. Excellent." J ACKLEY, Tinley Park, IL

"Finally someone has taken the time to try and put it all into easy to understand, logical terms that many musicians and students of music can grasp... Having your insight into the twelve notes would have made my understanding much easier
when I started back to college... Thanks"
Rocky Weeks, B.A. Music from University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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