The FJ-III by MACSAX was designed for today's highly diverse and competitive music scene. The multitude of genres of music being played today place a unique set of challenges for working musicians. Musicians of today need to match the style and sound of the situation at a world class level. To accomplish this musicians need to be 100% comfortable and in control of their saxophone.

The FJ-III was designed to provide a sound where all the harmonics are in complete balance. What this means is that the lows, mids, and highs are all equally present in the sound, totally balanced. This creates a unique blank canvas so each musician can shape and develop a unique and personal sound that will always be appropriate to the genre of music.

The FJ-III was also designed to be highly efficient. Of the many unique design elements, perhaps the most striking is the enlarged window. By widening and extending the window more of the reed is activated therefore creating more harmonic richness while also creating a free blowing and easily controlled sound.

Each FJ-III mouthpiece is CNC machined using the absolute latest technology from the finest raw materials and is precision hand finished to ensure the highest levels of consistency and attention to detail."
  • CNC machined from German hard rubber bar stock
  • Handcrafted facing
  • Extremely even and rich sounding
  • Free blowing and reed friendly
  • Heavily silver plated
  • Individually and extensively play tested
  • Includes Rovner Legacy ligature and cap