The Lounsberry Toy Robot low-gain overdrive provides three stages of FET goodness with Germanium diode overdrive. The overall gain structure is moderate providing that "Just ready to break up" dynamic prized by blues and jazz players.

Nothing could be simpler. Advance the “Drive” control to add fatness, grit and growl (depending on level). Use the “Level” control to balance the level against the bypassed signal. True bypass is available via the stomp switch. Use a 1/4” T/S cables at the input only. Unplug the input cable when not in use to preserve battery life.

The Lounsberry Toy Robot operates on a standard 9v battery, or external pedal supply. Power is switched automatically when the DC jack is used. 
  • Very natural warm sounding circuit
  • Unique gain staging overdrives each stage moderately
  • Complex harmonics with both Germanium diode and FET overdrive
  • All Discrete Analog circuit - No ICs or Surface Mount components
  • True Bypass - 9V Battery Included
  • Power requirement: 9 volts 100ma
  • 2.1mm x 5.5 mm plug
  • Negative tip